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Hosted by Ben Beck, Wilhelm (formerly The Spotlight) features conversations with friends, fellow podcasters as well as the occasional special guest discussing all things film and television. Each episode will feature a conversation with a guest including everything from discussing a specific franchises or series, breaking down favorite films of a particular actor, exploring tropes in movies and TV, or even settling pop culture debates. The discussions are endless and always fun!

In addition to film and TV topics, Wilhelm will also include bonus episodes made up of New Film Reviews and conversations with people in the entertainment industry such as actors and actresses, directors and writers as well as performers and stand-up comedians.


SPOTLIGHT SERIES: Writer/Director/Producer Brannon Braga (The End is Nye, The Orville, Cosmos))
Show Details26min 10s
"SUPERIOR SEQUELS" Top 5 Favorite Movie Sequels
Show Details1hr 41min
SPOTLIGHT SERIES: Actor William Sadler (Shawshank Redemption, Die Hard 2)
Show Details1hr 30min
"INDEPENDENCE DAY" A Wilhelm/Run for Your Lives Crossover
Show Details2hr 16min
"FATHER'S DAY" Top Best & Worst TV Dads
Show Details1hr 43min
SPOTLIGHT SERIES: Brad Lambert (Talent Manager, Producer)
Show Details1hr 20min
SPOTLIGHT SERIES: Actor Roger Clark (Red Dead Redemption 2)
Show Details50min 2s
SPOTLIGHT SERIES: Actor Rob Wiethoff (Red Dead Redemption)
Show Details1hr 14min
"FROM DUSK TO GRAVITY" Top 5 George Clooney Films
Show Details2hr 9min
FILM REVIEW: Top Gun: Maverick
Show Details14min 59s
"MOTHER'S DAY" Top 5 Favorite Television Moms
Show Details59min 1s
Show Details50min 40s
SPOTLIGHT SERIES: Actor Chad Coleman
Show Details26min 32s
"GOLD MEDAL MOVIES" Top 5 Favorite Olympic Films
Show Details1hr 33min
WILHELM SPOTLIGHT: Comedian Jim Florentine
Show Details33min 58s
"LOVE IS IN THE AIR" Top 5 Favorite TV Couples
Show Details1hr 42min
"CHILDHOOD REVISITED" Top 5 Favorite Saturday Morning Cartoons
Show Details1hr 17min
Show Details2hr 25min
Show Details20min 33s
1ST ANNUAL HOLIDAY SPECIAL: Top 5 Favorite Holiday Movie
Show Details1hr 38min
"HO HO HO!" Top 5 Favorite Movie Santas
Show Details56min 51s
145 - John Macaluso (Fandemic)
Show Details25min 47s
"THERE IS NO SPOON" Diving Deep into The Matrix Franchise
Show Details1hr 49min
"ONE WILD AND CRAZY GUY" Top 5 Favorite Steve Martin Films
Show Details1hr 23min
144 - Kellie Madison (Never Back Down: Revolt)
Show Details44min 5s
"THIS TOWN AIN'T BIG ENOUGH" Top 5 Favorite Westerns
Show Details48min 4s
"LAST NIGHT IN SOHO" A Wilhelm Review
Show Details54min 12s
"I'LL BE RIGHT BACK" Top 5 Favorite Horror Movies
Show Details1hr 30min
"WHO YA GONNA CALL?" The Ghostbusters Franchise
Show Details1hr 32min
"WILHELM PODCAST PRESENTS" Top 5 Favorite Alfred Hitchcock Movies
Show Details1hr 21min
"BITE NIGHT" Top 5 Favorite Vampire Movies
Show Details1hr 14min
"FIRST AND 10" Our Favorite Football Films
Show Details1hr 24min
"NOTHING LIKE A SHOW" Our Favorite Movie Musicals
Show Details1hr 58min
A DEEP DIVE: Bad Times at the El Royale
Show Details2hr 4min
"AMERICAN BADASS" Our Favorite War Movies
Show Details1hr
Show Details1hr 18min
143 - Year 7 Season Premiere w/John Wesley Shipp
Show Details1hr 4min
"WHERE NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM" Our Favorite Space Movies
Show Details49min 47s
"WHAT YEAR IS IT?" Our Favorite Movies with Time Travel
Show Details1hr 25min
"AN OFFER YOU CAN'T REFUSE" Favorite Mob/Mafia/Gangster Films
Show Details1hr 22min
"CORNETTO VS THE WORLD" The Films of Edgar Wright
Show Details1hr 59min
"MUSIC MAKES IT" Favorite Films with Amazing Soundtracks
Show Details1hr 7min
"AND I FEEL FINE" Favorite World Ending Movies
Show Details1hr 31min
"BE PREPARED!" Our Favorite Disney Villains
Show Details1hr 12min
"BEING JOHN CUSACK" - Our Favorite John Cusack Films
Show Details1hr 2min
"PEDAL TO THE METAL" - Car Chase Movies
Show Details46min 49s
"THE PREMIERE" The Most Essential Films
Show Details1hr 11min
Year 7 is Coming!!!
Show Details4min 14s
NaPodPoMo Bonus – Ruben Fleischer
Show Details18min 23s
NaPodPoMo Bonus – Nick DiPaolo
Show Details26min 26s
NaPodPoMo Bonus – Parveen Kaur
Show Details45min 42s
NaPodPoMo Bonus – Molly Ephram & Nancy Travis
Show Details46min 23s
NaPodPoMo Day 30 – Ben Bailey
Show Details28min 33s
NaPodPoMo Day 29 – TJ Miller
Show Details18min 47s
NaPodPoMo Day 28 – Rick Hoffman
Show Details20min 34s
NaPodPoMo Day 27 – Cast of Archer
Show Details1hr 41min
NaPodPoMo Day 26 – Noah Galloway
Show Details24min 56s
NaPodPoMo Day 25 – Kevin Bigley
Show Details23min 41s
NaPodPoMo Day 24 – Tiffany Haddish
Show Details23min 58s
NaPodPoMo Day 23 – Jimmi Simpson
Show Details20min 30s
NaPodPoMo Day 22 – Kevin Durand
Show Details33min 5s
NaPodPoMo Day 21 – Rhys Darby
Show Details22min 49s
NaPodPoMo Day 20 – Thomas Dekker & Nate Torrence
Show Details44min 31s
NaPodPoMo Day 19 – T.J. Thyne
Show Details51min 58s
NaPodPoMo Day 18 – Rob Corddry
Show Details17min 34s
NaPodPoMo Day 17 – Dana DeLorenzo
Show Details41min 39s
NaPodPoMo Day 16 – Tyler Labine
Show Details25min 56s
NaPodPoMo Day 15 – Robin Lord Taylor & Drew Powell
Show Details49min 6s
NaPodPoMo Day 14 – David Newell
Show Details58min 25s
NaPodPoMo Day 13 – Whose Line Is It Anyway
Show Details2hr 31min
NaPodPoMo Day 12 – Curtis Armstrong
Show Details21min 33s
NaPodPoMo Day 11 – Derek Lee & Cliff Prowse
Show Details23min 24s
NaPodPoMo Day 10 – Claire Coffee
Show Details19min 46s
NaPodPoMo Day 9 – Jay Harrington
Show Details24min 47s
NaPodPoMo Day 8 – Creed Bratton
Show Details28min 56s
NaPodPoMo Day 7 – David Koechner
Show Details28min 56s
NaPodPoMo Day 6 – It’s Time For RiffTrax!
Show Details1hr 10min
NaPodPoMo Day 5 – Teddy Sears
Show Details26min 21s
NaPodPoMo Day 4 – Shannon Sossamon
Show Details26min 56s
NaPodPoMo Day 3 – Todd Glass
Show Details1hr 22min
NaPodPoMo Day 2 – James Bamford
Show Details1hr 10min
NaPodPoMo Day 1 – Kris Allen
Show Details28min 42s
142 - Dana DeLorenzo Returns... Again!
Show Details1hr 4min
141 - Kevin Bigley Returns... Again!
Show Details34min 12s
140 - Pete Mitchell Returns... Again!
Show Details1hr 10min
139 - Jennifer M. Kay & Aimee Theresa (Certifiable)
Show Details37min 8s
138 - M.C. Gainey (PART II)
Show Details1hr 2min
137 - M.C. Gainey (ConAir, Wild Hogs, LOST)
Show Details1hr 10min
136 - Brian C. Roll (Odyssey Art)
Show Details1hr 53min
135 - D.B. Sweeney (Two Dum Micks, The Cutting Edge)
Show Details43min 3s
134 - Jack O’Halloran (Superman, Dragnet)
Show Details1hr 25min
133 - Dierdre Friel (New Amsterdam)
Show Details30min 49s
132 - Taylor Mason (Comedian/Ventriloquist)
Show Details1hr 6min
131 - Justin Purvis (Purvis Games)
Show Details1hr 44min
130 - Patrick Kilpatrick (Actor/Author)
Show Details55min 31s
129 - Parveen Kaur (NBC’s Manifest)
Show Details46min 54s
128 - Brad Sherwood Returns... again!
Show Details43min 40s
127 - Tyler Labine (New Amsterdam)
Show Details27min 2s
126 - Pete Mitchell Returns
Show Details59min 25s
125 - David Koechner (Comedian/Anchorman)
Show Details27min 59s
124 - Michael Carbonaro (The Carbonaro Effect)
Show Details18min 23s
123 - Dana DeLorenzo Returns
Show Details38min 48s
122 - Peter Mensah (NBC's Midnight)
Show Details23min 24s
121 - Ben Bailey Returns
Show Details20min 27s
120 - Omar Epps (Shooter)
Show Details15min 4s
119 - Christopher Titus (Comedian/Special Unit)
Show Details37min 19s
118 - Harrisburg Comic Con: The Interviews
Show Details21min
117 - Ira Rosensweig (Trial & Error)
Show Details24min 49s
116 - Brad Sherwood & Colin Mochrie Return
Show Details49min
115 - Robin Lord Taylor (Fox's Gotham)
Show Details24min 37s
114 - Angelica Bridges (Kicking and Screaming)
Show Details22min 13s
113 - Tawny Cypress (The Blacklist: Redemption)
Show Details20min 39s
112 - Mido Hamada (Emerald City)
Show Details27min 14s
111 - Amin El Gamal (Prison Break)
Show Details23min 43s
110 - Teddy Sears (24: Legacy)
Show Details24min 25s
109 - Landon Stewart (CBS's Hunted)
Show Details27min 25s
108 - Echo Kellum (CW's Arrow)
Show Details21min 34s
107 - Rob Corddry Returns
Show Details22min 18s
106 - Amber Higgins (Me3)
Show Details25min 37s
105 - Bret Green (The Inspectors)
Show Details31min 44s
104 - Ming Chen (Comic Book Men)
Show Details43min 54s
103 - Nancy Travis (Last Man Standing)
Show Details29min 47s
102 - Molly Ephraim (Last Man Standing)
Show Details16min 28s
101 - Phillip Keene (TNT's Major Crimes)
Show Details21min 9s
100 - Kevin Durand Returns
Show Details22min 31s
099 - Toby Huss (AMC's Halt & Catch Fire)
Show Details22min 33s
098 - David Newell (Mr. Roger's Neighborhood)
Show Details56min 13s
097 - Dhani Jones (NBC's Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge)
Show Details24min 20s
096 - Rhys Darby (TBS's Wrecked)
Show Details21min 16s
095 - Kelly AuCoin (FX's The Americans)
Show Details33min 27s
094 - Noah Galloway (Fox's American Grit)
Show Details21min 36s
093 - Bill Corbett (RiffTrax/MST3k)
Show Details24min 35s
092 - Hilary Ward (HBO's All the Way)
Show Details27min 37s
091 - Mark Hentemann (Bordertown)
Show Details25min 57s
090 - Amber Nash Returns
Show Details27min 39s
089 - Paul Blackthorne (CW's Arrow)
Show Details24min 43s
088 - Tiffany Haddish (The Carmichael Show)
Show Details22min 13s
087 - Erin Richards (Fox's Gotham)
Show Details23min 19s
086 - Nia Sanchez (Former Miss USA)
Show Details16min 34s
085 - Rachael O’Brien (Comedian)
Show Details22min 42s
084 - Dana Gourrier (The Hateful Eight)
Show Details44min 27s
083 - Britt Lower (FXX's Man Seeking Woman)
Show Details15min 37s
082 - Falk Hentschel (Arrow)
Show Details15min 41s
081 - Ben Bailey (Comedian)
Show Details25min 57s
080 - Liz Russo Returns
Show Details34min 38s
079 - Ruben Fleischer (Superstore/Zombieland)
Show Details16min 28s
078 - Dana DeLorenzo (Ash vs Evil Dead)
Show Details39min 52s
077 - Curtis Armstrong (Amazon's Highston)
Show Details19min 25s
076 - Creed Bratton (NBC's The Office)
Show Details18min 28s
075 - Rachel Keller (FX's Fargo)
Show Details21min 35s
074 - Chris Murray (Paranormal Activity - The Ghost Dimension)
Show Details21min 36s
073 - Michael Rowe Returns
Show Details36min 58s
072 - Desmine Borges (You're the Worst)
Show Details20min 10s
071 - Andy Daly (Comedy Central's Review)
Show Details17min 24s
070 - Rob Corddry (HBO's Ballers)
Show Details16min 5s
069 - Chris Distefano (Comedian)
Show Details18min 30s
068 - Edi Gathegi (TNT's Proof)
Show Details16min 21s
067 - Nick DiPaolo (Comedian)
Show Details24min 39s
066 - Liz Russo (Comedian)
Show Details1hr 38min
065 - Krista Allen (CW's Significant Mother)
Show Details22min 24s
064 - David Huntsberger (Reactor)
Show Details31min 24s
063 - Kevin Durand (The Strain)
Show Details31min 7s
062 - Shannon Sossamon (Fox's Wayward Pines)
Show Details25min 19s
061 - Godfrey (Fox's Bullseye)
Show Details26min 21s
060 - Seth Gabel (Salem)
Show Details24min 11s
059 - Chris Rose (BattleBots)
Show Details18min 26s
058 - Michael J Nelson (RiffTrax/MST3K)
Show Details16min 36s
057 - Grant Bowler (SyFy's Defiance)
Show Details20min 51s
056 - Ryan Stiles (Whose Line is it Anyway)
Show Details37min 51s
055 - TJ Miller (Comedian)
Show Details17min 30s
054 - Scott Hanna (Inker - DC Comics)
Show Details1hr 2min
053 - Burn Gorman (AMC's Turn: Washington's Spies)
Show Details25min 45s
052 - Jake Robinson (American Odyssey)
Show Details12min 6s
051 - Drew Powell (Fox's Gotham)
Show Details23min 34s
050 - Stephnie Weir (FX's The Comedians)
Show Details17min 10s
049 - TJ Thyne (Bones)
Show Details50min 13s
048 - Ori Pfeffer (USA's Dig)
Show Details17min 5s
047 - Andrew Santino (Sin City Saints)
Show Details36min 30s
046 - Nate Torrence (Fox's Weird Loners)
Show Details25min 5s
045 - Thomas Dekkar (Fox's Backstrom)
Show Details26min 17s
044 - Chris Parnell (FX's Archer)
Show Details30min 43s
043 - Maya Erskine (FXX's Man Seeking Woman)
Show Details12min 26s
042 - Greg Proops (Whose Line is it Anyway)
Show Details44min 26s
041 - Amber Nash (FX's Archer)
Show Details27min 39s
040 - Brad Sherwood (Whose Line is it Anyway)
Show Details37min 3s
039 - Kevin Bigley (USA's Sirens)
Show Details26min 33s
038 - Lucky Yates (FX's Archer)
Show Details41min 1s
037 - Eric Andre (FXX's Man Seeking Woman)
Show Details14min 51s
036 - Charles Halford (NBC’s “Constantine”)
Show Details22min 11s
035 - Jay Harrington (USA’s “Benched”)
Show Details22min 30s
034 - Kim Coates (FX’s “Sons of Anarchy”)
Show Details22min 37s
033 - Jimmy Dore (Comedian)
Show Details21min 2s
032 - Colin Mochrie (“Whose Line Is It Anyway”)
Show Details30min
031 - Comedian Todd Glass
Show Details1hr 19min
030 - Rick Gonzalez (USA’s “Rush”)
Show Details28min 40s
029 - Chris Geere (FX’s “You’re the Worst”)
Show Details23min 47s
028 - AJ Gibson (FOX’s “Hollywood Today Live”)
Show Details9min 28s
027 - Kidd & Kelsey Youren (TruTV’s “Way Out West”)
Show Details19min 46s
026 - Porscha Coleman (FOX’s “Hollywood Today Live”)
Show Details25min 33s
025 - Morris S. Levy (Producer “Affluenza”)
Show Details21min 47s
024 - Tony Denison (TNT’s “Major Crimes”)
Show Details33min 58s
023 - Jason Gann (FXX Network’s “Wilfred”)
Show Details18min 45s
022 - Rick Hoffman (USA Network’s “Suits”)
Show Details19min 24s
021 - George Escobar (Co-Director/Co-Writer “Alone Yet Not Alone”)
Show Details26min 19s
020 - Will Eubank (Director – “The Signal”)
Show Details11min 51s
019 - Naturi Naughton (Starz Original Series “Power”)
Show Details23min 45s
018 - Jimmi Simpson (Netflix’s “House of Cards”)
Show Details20min 4s
017 - Kevin Murphy (RiffTrax/MST3K)
Show Details27min 46s
016 - David Hoflin (NBC’s “Crossbones”)
Show Details33min 41s
015 - Tyler Mitchell (Producer “Angriest Man In Brooklyn”)
Show Details21min 1s
014 - Pete Mitchell (Lead Singer “No More Kings”)
Show Details57min 22s
013 - Godzilla (Warner Bros. “Godzilla”)
Show Details9min 43s
012 - Michael Rowe (CW Network’s “Arrow”)
Show Details20min 14s
011 - Celina Jade (CW Network’s “Arrow”)
Show Details17min 46s
010 - Kevin Bigley (USA Network’s “Sirens”)
Show Details22min 37s
009 - Claire Coffee (NBC’s “Grimm”)
Show Details18min 40s
008 - Carolina Guerra (Starz “DaVinci’s Demons”)
Show Details19min 22s
007 - Joe Minoso (NBC’s “Chicago Fire”)
Show Details20min 45s
006 - Derrick Lee & Cliff Prowse (CBS Films “Afflicted”)
Show Details22min 36s
005 - Comedian Craig Shoemaker
Show Details37min 31s
004 - Darrin Dewitt Henson
Show Details20min 11s
003 - Lauren Lake (“Paternity Court”)
Show Details25min 59s
002 - James Bamford (CW Network’s “Arrow”)
Show Details1hr 9min
001 - Kris Allen (American Idol Winner / Season 8)
Show Details23min 18s