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why u YELLIN

i try my hardest not to yell about the things that make me upset


episode 050 - we're taking over fantasy football, click by click
Show Details39min 41s
episode 049 - we're hosting the sleeper bowl and crypto has tanked
Show Details47min 17s
episode 048 - our tiktok explosion and the big dog bash fantasy tournament
Show Details57min 19s
episode 047 - we're creating the world's best fantasy football league
Show Details1hr 1min
episode 046 - football day in america
Show Details48min 45s
episode 045 - vagina simulator bday party
Show Details52min 55s
episode 044 - bdge's first nft?
Show Details39min 3s
episode 043 - overdose dreams
Show Details46min 56s
episode 042 - knicks in 9
Show Details44min 42s
episode 041 - trust falling at parties
Show Details54min 30s
episode 040 - BDGEat Lasagna Incorporated
Show Details43min 32s
episode 039 - truth or dare melee
Show Details43min 49s
episode 038 - party in the city where the heat is on
Show Details45min 42s
episode 037 - water bottle company confidence
Show Details44min 22s
episode 036 - bitCLOUTY with a chance of withdraws
Show Details54min 3s
episode 035 - piccolo players get paid
Show Details44min 42s
episode 034 - cant stop wont stop (crying)
Show Details49min 42s
episode 033 - THIS SHIT IS HARD
Show Details1hr 10min
episode 032 - a little more oomf
Show Details55min 12s
episode 031 - apollo fallen soldier
Show Details58min 51s
episode 030 - non fungible heroin
Show Details8min 16s
episode 029 - get rich or die slidin'
Show Details1hr 3min
episode 028 - the morning nut
Show Details1hr 3min
episode 027 - two bed marriage
Show Details1hr 18min
episode 026 - we are borderline females
Show Details38min 37s
episode 025 - triple drunk tank champion
Show Details41min 39s
BDGE Made a Quarter $1,000,000 in 2020
Show Details46min 14s
episode 023 - besta da besta da best
Show Details42min 2s
episode 022 - history documentary idiots
Show Details38min 3s
episode 021 - the amazon of pop culture
Show Details13min 19s
episode 020 - ray allen from the free throw
Show Details6min 8s
episode 019 - least favorite content creator
Show Details9min 19s
episode 018 - election day
Show Details8min 31s
episode 017 - getting wet before the uber
Show Details18min 50s
episode 016 - bend don't break
Show Details9min 13s
episode 015 - two sides of the same coin
Show Details6min 29s
episode 014 - water between margs
Show Details11min 40s
episode 013 - discord dilemma
Show Details10min 29s
episode 012 - rebrand
Show Details9min 36s
episode 011 - covid tidal wave
Show Details4min 53s
episode 010 - why im yellin on why u YELLIN
Show Details7min 57s
episode 009 - fantasy youtube ecstasy peak
Show Details8min 12s
episode 008 - tax man dick punch
Show Details7min 35s
episode 007 - so u wanna be a rap superstar
Show Details8min 9s
episode 006 - donald trump unlock button
Show Details8min 5s
episode 005 - does best buy sell pasta?
Show Details4min 35s
episode 004 - "N.Y.P.D. - suck my d*ck"
Show Details14min 49s
episode 003 - unsubscribe
Show Details10min 27s
episode 002 - george floyd matters
Show Details10min 39s
episode 001 - would u like u, if u met u
Show Details8min 10s