why u YELLIN

i try my hardest not to yell about the things that make me upset


episode 020 - ray allen from the free throw
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episode 019 - least favorite content creator
Show Details9min 19s
episode 018 - election day
Show Details8min 31s
episode 017 - getting wet before the uber
Show Details18min 50s
episode 016 - bend don't break
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episode 015 - two sides of the same coin
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episode 014 - water between margs
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episode 013 - discord dilemma
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episode 012 - rebrand
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episode 011 - covid tidal wave
Show Details4min 53s
episode 010 - why im yellin on why u YELLIN
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episode 009 - fantasy youtube ecstasy peak
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episode 008 - tax man dick punch
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episode 007 - so u wanna be a rap superstar
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episode 006 - donald trump unlock button
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episode 005 - does best buy sell pasta?
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episode 004 - "N.Y.P.D. - suck my d*ck"
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episode 003 - unsubscribe
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episode 002 - george floyd matters
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episode 001 - would u like u, if u met u
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