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Who’s Dat Podcast

This podcast was designed to celebrate and honor those who are making an impact in the music industry from behind the scenes and educate artists on the music business


Connecting the dots Episode #12 featuring Amir Boyd
Show Details36min 50s
Watch The Company You Keep #11 Quick time with Inkz
Show Details10min 49s
Find your purpose Episode #10 quick time with Inkz
Show Details17min 33s
Facing Failure Episode #9 quick time with Inkz
Show Details18min 24s
Fanbase Fanbase Fanbase Episode #8 quick time with Inkz
Show Details20min 40s
Respect my platform Episode #7 Featuring DJ SLEEP EZ
Show Details1hr 25min
Where' s the Money Episode #6 featuring Inkz
Show Details26min 36s
Let the Label Find You Episode #5 Featuring CMG Jason Smith
Show Details52min 56s
Allowing Your Work To Speak For It's Self Episode #4 featuring Wan Carmen
Show Details30min 9s
Understanding Your Purpose Episode #3 featuring Chlon Henry of TIG Records
Show Details52min 15s
Leap of faith Episode #2 /featuring Pace Poetry of 300ent
Show Details1hr 4min
Who's Dat Podcast Pilot Ep. 1
Show Details20min 21s