Who Else

Who else feels like they need some help understanding what the heck is going on in their minds?

Join us on a journey through the wild world of psychology, psychiatry, therapy, trauma, and all the demons which plague the human psyche (along with some helpful tips on how to deal with them!)

About your hosts:

Nick is a Los Angeles-based psychotherapist in private practice who likes to get his hands dirty talking about underlying issues, such as why our parents may actually be the reason why we think we’re so F-ed up!

Chase is a creative renaissance man with a background in tech, economics, and art. He's frequently sliding into his therapist's DMs, commenting on why everyone is nuts, and reciting dank dad jokes.


Mr. Rogers & Person-centered Therapy
Show Details47min 1s
What is Therapy
Show Details57min 56s
Andrew Cuomo and narcissism in politics
Show Details52min 36s
Narcissists R Us
Show Details1hr 1min
Florida, vaccines, and ingroup favoritism
Show Details27min 9s