Who Can Relate?

This show is about discovering your higher-self through Adversity, Vulnerability and Self Love. Everyone is going through difficulties in their life, but nobody wants to talk about it, until they hear someone else talk about it first. Who can relate? This show peels back the curtain on real life challenges and situations. You'll hear true, intimate stories that will help guide you in challenging times. The beauty in life is in the process and the journey. I promise you, you are not alone!


*END OF SEASON 1* Taking a Break & Responding to the "Unconditional Love" episode
Show Details43min 5s
50. "Does Unconditional Love exist?” with Shan Boody, Jared Brady & Shay Davis
Show Details58min 54s
49. “Polygyny, Fatherhood & more. Meet my oldest Brother" with Kolade Davis
Show Details1hr 12min
48. “Why aren’t you married yet?" with Laticia Rolle
Show Details57min 17s
47. “Is what you want, worth what you must give up?" with Lauren Morrison
Show Details1hr 23min
46. “The truth about my Wife & I" with Shay Davis
Show Details1hr 11min
45. “Did I cause trauma in my daughters life? A family talk” with my Wife & Daughter
Show Details1hr 14min
Friday "Weekly Check-Ins" Pt. 3
Show Details40min 14s
44. "Ejaculate up the spine???" Clarity for Men & Women Pt. 2 with Rome Green
Show Details1hr 32min
43. "Getting to know my teenage daughter” with my daughter Adriana Davis
Show Details48min 50s
Friday "Weekly Check-Ins" Pt. 2
Show Details43min 5s
42. “What’s best for Me?” with Sarah Temima
Show Details1hr 11min
41. “Weekly Check-Ins” Pt.1 with You, the audience
Show Details1hr 19min
40. “Taking care of you” with Ryan Kennedy
Show Details1hr 14min
39. “Calling Yourself Out” with Helen Denham
Show Details1hr 15min
38. "Long Distance Relationships. Growing pains. Q&A" with my Wife Shay Davis
Show Details1hr 12min
37. "Dear Mama" Pt. 2 with my Mom Donna Davis
Show Details50min 21s
36. "Dear Mama" Pt. 1 with my Mom Donna Davis
Show Details1hr 28min
35. "Clarity for Men & Women, Finally” with Rome Green
Show Details1hr 16min
34. “Learning from Women” with Jared Brady
Show Details45min 36s
33. "Bet on Yourself" with Danielle Robay
Show Details38min 23s
32. "The Start of Vulnerability" with Kevin Yu
Show Details52min 48s
31. "Self Love CEO" with Elena Hansen
Show Details1hr 3min
30. “Toxic Relationships” with my Wife Shay Davis
Show Details1hr 10min
29. “Mental Health-Asking for help” with Sam Webb
Show Details1hr 11min
28. “Man In The Mirror” with Branden Collinsworth
Show Details1hr 14min
27. “Therapy” with Kiaundra Jackson
Show Details1hr 27min
26. “Self-Sabotaging” with Shan Boody
Show Details1hr 9min
25. “Rediscovering Me” with Gabi Lopez
Show Details1hr 3min
24. “Self Love Tutorial" with Sophie Lonsinger
Show Details48min 17s
23. “Dating In Your 30’s” with my Wife Shay Davis
Show Details1hr
22. "Dating Under 30" with Aygemang Clay
Show Details1hr 12min
21. “Dating with Intentions” with Rome Green Jr.
Show Details1hr 11min
20. "Playing Mind Games" with James Silvas
Show Details54min 2s
19. “How We Fight" with my Wife Shay Davis
Show Details55min 10s
18. "JD's Book Club Vol. 1" with Me
Show Details23min 56s
17. “Not My Soulmate" with Laticia Rolle
Show Details57min 3s
16. “Fresh Start" with Me
Show Details22min 36s
15. “What We've Learned" with my Wife Shay Davis
Show Details1hr 8min
14. "Dating as a guy" with Jared Brady & Los
Show Details1hr 12min
13. “Evolving Men" with Spencer Hill
Show Details1hr 20min
12. "Finding the One" with my Wife Shay Davis
Show Details1hr 9min
11. "Dating with Kids" with Sophie Lonsinger
Show Details49min 14s
10. “The Journey" with Peter Dokus
Show Details55min 40s
9. “Me 1st!" with Sarah Temima
Show Details1hr 32min
8. "Overcoming Fear" with Alicia Hill
Show Details1hr 11min
7. "Why do Men..." with Don Benjamin
Show Details1hr 22min
6. "Female Grit" with Dr. Neeta Bhushan
Show Details58min 52s
5. "Vulnerable Renaissance Men" with Duke Ihenacho
Show Details1hr 18min
4. "The Worst-Best Thing" with Nicole Norwoods
Show Details53min 23s
3. "Positive Tragedy. How to Ask for Help" with Troy Brown
Show Details1hr 32min
1. "Relationship Hacks" with Laticia Rolle
Show Details1hr 39min
2. "Being a Stepparent" with my Wife and Daughter
Show Details1hr 4min
Introduction Episode. About Me. What is Who Can Relate?
Show Details6min 56s