Whiskey, Weebs & Waifus: The Podcast

Whiskey, Weebs & Waifus is a weekly live show by the youtuber The Mad Prince, where he talks about any and everything anime and video game related. This ranges from personal stories, news, to rants about the culture. This is the audio-only podcast for that show.


Game Devs be Weird AF
Show Details59min 17s
Toxic Multiplayer
Show Details57min 18s
Too Much Sauce
Show Details1hr 19min
Summer 2021 Beach Episode
Show Details1hr 9min
Anime Mount Rushmores
Show Details1hr 18min
Live-Action is Killing the Fandom!!! (ft.. Dread Dads Podcast)
Show Details1hr 9min
Reboot?!? ...Also Old Games...
Show Details1hr 47min
SPECIAL: Meet the Homies (ft. Echo Four)
Show Details1hr 10min