Where's My Mind Today?

This is my all-in-one podcast that explores what's going on inside my head! Whether it's coverage of the election season, creative content discussions, or personal storytimes, you can be sure that a new topic will be covered every single week!

Music by Jack Noah:


7- how much do politicians lie?
Show Details18min 38s
6- election recap
Show Details16min 29s
5- the electoral college is highkey fishy
Show Details34min 30s
4- how systemic voter suppression works in the U.S.
Show Details24min 42s
3- how do i vote and what's on the ballot?
Show Details28min 46s
2- how to be excited about Joe Biden
Show Details26min 16s
1- why you should reconsider voting for Donald Trump
Show Details24min 29s
0- Trailer
Show Details1min 31s