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What Up Doe Sports and Entertainment

Real, unfiltered, sports debate from two of the most entertaining, brash and talkative sports fanatics in Michigan. What Up Doe Sports and Entertainment is a sports debate show that addresses the most intriguing, newsworthy storylines in the national sports landscape. Each week, the brash, hilarious and knowledgeable Gabriel Finefter and Markus Conley go head-to-head, giving their thought-out, researched answers on five questions covering the NBA, NFL, MMA, Boxing, College basketball and College Football. Although most questions address newsworthy storylines of the week, moderator Ben Agosta will throw in an intriguing topic that may not be in the news cycle, but be certain perk the interest of sports fans across the U.S. Each show is roughly 60 minutes, and is available for viewing on YouTube and listening on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play.


The Insanity of The College Football Playoff | WUD Sports Episode 44
Show Details1hr 3min
It's Rivalry Week: Michigan Vs. Michigan State | WUD Sports Episode 43
Show Details56min 52s
The Greatest Fight of All Time and College Football Talk | WUD Episode 42
Show Details1hr 19min
Fury Vs. Wilder III, The Arizona Cardinals, Michigan and MSU | WUD Sports Episode 41
Show Details1hr 28min
The State of The Lions and Around The NFL | WUD Sports Episode 40
Show Details1hr 7min
Michigan and MSU and NFL Rapid Fire | WUD Sports Episode 39
Show Details1hr 3min
AFC Division Predictions and NFL MVP | WUD Sports Episode 38
Show Details49min 1s
NFC Division Predictions and Where Should Cam Go? | WUD Sports Episode 37
Show Details1hr 30min
Connor Vs. Poirier III and Rachel Nichols Controversy | WUD Sports Episode 36
Show Details1hr 8min
Greatest College Football Uni's and Where Should Dame Go? | WUD Sports Episode 35
Show Details1hr 24min
Should The Pistons Take Cade Cunningham and Your Worst Sports Moment | WUD Sports Episode 34
Show Details1hr 15min
Is The Value of The NFL Runningback Gone and Best NBA Throwbacks of All Time | WUD Sports Episode 33
Show Details1hr 20min
Worst Fanbases in Sports and Most Rewatchable Movies of All Time | WUD Sports Episode 32
Show Details1hr 41min
Wilder vs. Fury III and is Biggie the Greatest? | WUD Sports Episode 31
Show Details1hr 20min
Most Hated Athletes of All Time and Kwame Brown | WUD Sports Episode 30
Show Details1hr 10min
Charles Oliveira vs. Michael Chandler Preview and Favorite Detroit Athlete of All Time? WUD Sports Episode 29
Show Details1hr 30min
Top 5 "What Could Have Been" Athletes and Lions NFL Draft Recap | WUD Sports Episode 28
Show Details1hr 30min
The BEST Scenario for the Lions and Mac Jones is a Guaranteed Bust | WUD Sports Episode 27
Show Details1hr 40min
Is Steph a Top 5 Point Guard All-Time Right Now and UFC 261 Preview | WUD Sports Episode 26
Show Details1hr 17min
Who's The Best WR in the NFL Draft and Jake Paul Vs. Ben Askren is a Troll Job | WUD Sports Episode 25
Show Details1hr 23min
Today's NBA Sucks and Most Overrated, Underrated 2021 NFL Draft Prospects | WUD Sports Episode 24
Show Details1hr 46min
NFL Draft Quarterback Rankings and Future Outlook in the UFC Heavyweight Division | WUD Sports Episode 23
Show Details1hr 29min
The Big Ten are Frauds, Stipe vs. Ngannou, and the Golden Era of the NBA | WUD Sports Episode 22
Show Details1hr 33min
NCAA Tournament Bracket Breakdown | WUD Sports Episode 21
Show Details1hr 53min
Conference Tourney Talk, Unique Lions Mock and the Best NFL Uniform of All Time | WUD Sports Episode 20
Show Details2hr 5min
Should Michigan State Make the NCAA Tournament and UFC Title Predictions | WUD Sports Episode 19
Show Details53min 30s
Can Michigan Hoops win it all and Dream Destinations for Russ and Deshaun | WUD Sports Episode 18
Show Details1hr 16min
Curtis Blayes vs. Derrick Lewis Predictions | WUD Sports Episode 17
Show Details1hr 14min
Should Megatron Have Been First Ballot? | WUD Sports Episode 16
Show Details1hr 19min
Super Bowl Special! | WUD Sports Episode 15
Show Details1hr 49min
Gabe Gloats about Poirier, Championship Week Recap, Lions Hires and Matt Stafford's Legacy
Show Details1hr 20min
Max Holloway, McGregor Vs. Poirier 2 Predictions, Sports Betting in Michigan and Drew Brees Debate | WUD Sports Episode 13
Show Details1hr 31min
Harden to the Nets, Michigan Hoops, NFL Prediction Do-Over and Phillip Rivers HOF Debate | WUD Sports Episode 12
Show Details1hr 31min
Ryan Garcia Vs. Luke Campbell Recap, Michigan Basketball and COMPLETE NFL Playoff Predictions | WUD Sports Episode 11
Show Details2hr 20min
End of Year Wrap-up: Best and Worst Moments in 2020, Best Uniforms All-Time and Other Great Stuff | WUD Sports Episode 10
Show Details1hr 23min
Time to Overhaul the CFP, NBA Season Predictions, NFL MVP and McGregor Returns | WUD Sports Episode 9
Show Details1hr 28min
Can the NFC East Upset in Playoffs, 2021 NFL Draft Talk and ESPN's Bogus Top 100 NBA Player List | WUD Sports Episode 7
Show Details58min 11s
NBA Draft Night Special! Reaction to Big Trades and Draft Projections | WUD Sports Episode 5
Show Details1hr 21min
Is Cam Done, Should Pistons trade for Lamelo Ball and Who Wins: Tyson or Roy Jones Jr.? | WUD Sports Episode 4
Show Details1hr 38min
Are the Steelers Superbowl Favorites and Where Should Giannis Go? | WUD Sports Episode 3
Show Details1hr 8min
Is Rajon Rondo a Hall of Famer? | WUD Sports Episode 1
Show Details1hr 12min
Are KD and Kyrie Favorites to Win the East? | WUD Sports Episode 2
Show Details1hr 10min