What They Never Told Us

Crystal and Sasha take a look back into the information they were never given growing up and the consequences of their miseducation. By using their Mental Health training they are filling in the gaps in hopes to help others make more sense of their own worlds.


We Can't Forget About the Good Dads
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Shot Girl Summer
Show Details47min 58s
Thoughts on Religion and Spirituality
Show Details56min 8s
What's Your Attachment Style?
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Let's Talk About Sex
Show Details57min 52s
It's My Birthday! & I'll do what I want!
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The Update: Therapy Check-in #2
Show Details43min 26s
Life & It's Stages
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Breaking Up is Hard to do
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The Basics of Boundaries
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Men in Therapy: Pabel Martinez
Show Details49min 53s
For the Fatherless
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When You Look in the Mirror
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A Year in Review
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Choosing a Therapist
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Therapy Check-in
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Part 2: Check your privilege
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Part 1: A racist history
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Confronting You, You & You
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Who we are: Mental Health professionals with feelings
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Who we are: New York born and raised
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Who we are: Latina Pride
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Who we are: The first... first-gen to be exact
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Who we are: On being Women
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How it all started
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