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What The Faizah Khan

"What The Faizah Khan" is a podcast show hosted by Faziah Khan ,a young Genz girl. Who takes you through a journey of entertainment, laughter, hot trends and catchy stories of her life instances or other's to create awareness & spread laughter.


#Ep-5 I take a psychopath test with ya'll and react to manipulation tactics.*evil laugh*
Show Details1min 58s
#EP-4 StoryTime: the time I visited Thailand.
Show Details17min 33s
#EP-3 We Talk "K-POP dark side and scandals"
Show Details35min 22s
#EP-2 Life Of An Asian/Brown Kid In An Asian/Brown Family In An Asian/Brown Country And Culture.
Show Details24min 21s
#EP-1 Crazy Stories From Schools And Universities
Show Details21min 9s