What Else? with Corey Mann

This is an interview-style podcast with guests you've heard of (or have not heard of but you'll want to get to know). I'm a big fan of getting past "surface-y" talk, hence the name "What Else?". If I have a musician on the show and their #1 source of income is playing music, I'm going to be finding out What Else they like to do, what their hobbies are, What Else inspires them and encourages them. The goal for this podcast is to make it feel like a couple friends getting together, having a great conversation and going a little deeper than surface level. Subscribe today!


91: Brandon Lake
Show Details26min 43s
90: Elevation Worship
Show Details25min 26s
89: Stryper
Show Details22min 25s
88: Austin French
Show Details28min 44s
87: Tasha Layton
Show Details28min 42s
86: FFH
Show Details29min 12s
85: Tauren Wells
Show Details29min 24s
84: Sidewalk Prophets
Show Details26min 30s
83: John Schlitt
Show Details24min 16s
82: Ryan Stevenson
Show Details28min 5s
81: CAIN
Show Details20min 36s
80: Rebecca St. James
Show Details34min 25s
79: Jordan Feliz
Show Details32min
Show Details11min 59s
77: Andrew Bennett
Show Details24min 36s
76: Ken Mansfield
Show Details31min 15s
75: Cody Carnes
Show Details38min 29s
74: Natalie Grant
Show Details49min 13s
73: Unspoken
Show Details34min 28s
72: Marc Martel
Show Details52min 56s
71: Matty Mullins
Show Details41min 52s
70: Rend Collective
Show Details34min 48s
69: Rhett Walker
Show Details29min 14s
68: Matthew West
Show Details23min 53s
67: Leanna Crawford
Show Details19min 32s
66: Cory Asbury
Show Details53min 40s
65: Colton Dixon
Show Details35min 15s
64: Hannah Kerr
Show Details35min 3s
63: Rush
Show Details52min 7s
62: 2019 in Review
Show Details28min 37s
61: Bob Carlisle
Show Details41min 27s
60: We The Kingdom
Show Details37min 53s
59: Bill Gaither
Show Details20min 51s
58: Drew Holcomb
Show Details36min 19s
57: Carrollton
Show Details24min 48s
56: Dan Michaels (The Choir)
Show Details51min 24s
55: The Afters
Show Details44min 35s
54: The Best Of...
Show Details40min 15s
53: Jamie Kimmett
Show Details33min 11s
52: Robert Sweet
Show Details7min 12s
51: Jason Gray
Show Details30min 24s
50: Jason Roy of Building 429
Show Details1hr 5min
49: Matthew West
Show Details42min 58s
48: Matt Maher
Show Details53min 26s
47: Big Daddy Weave
Show Details54min 29s
46: We Are Messengers
Show Details58min 47s
Show Details37min 6s
44: Michael Cochren
Show Details35min 16s
43: Switchfoot
Show Details28min 2s
42: Ken Mansfield
Show Details45min 15s
41: Plumb
Show Details34min 59s
40: Kevin Matthews
Show Details52min 55s
39: End of 2018 Special
Show Details28min 2s
38: Christmas 2018
Show Details48min 44s
37: Pat Barrett
Show Details39min 17s
36: Apollo L-T-D
Show Details1hr 1min
35: Mike Donohey
Show Details32min 35s
34: Josh Wilson
Show Details43min 10s
33: Russ Taff
Show Details44min 47s
32: Tasha Layton
Show Details49min
31: Chonda Pierce
Show Details27min 29s
30: Ron from Minnesota
Show Details12min 41s
29: For King and Country
Show Details37min 19s
28: Chris August
Show Details42min 30s
27: Allen Stewart
Show Details17min 47s
26: Zach Williams
Show Details19min 22s
25: Amy Grant
Show Details38min 1s
24: Matt Maher
Show Details24min 33s
23: Mike Scheuchzer of MercyMe
Show Details31min 2s
22: Bonray
Show Details42min 36s
21: We Are Messengers
Show Details58min 6s
20: Mark Hall
Show Details27min 14s
19: Mark Schultz
Show Details57min 9s
18: The Famous Chicken
Show Details35min 58s
17: Alisa Turner
Show Details56min 20s
16: Peabod
Show Details36min 26s
15: Audio Archives, Part 1
Show Details28min 25s
14: Jen Ledger of Skillet
Show Details28min 23s
13: For King and Country
Show Details37min 6s
12: Micah Tyler
Show Details41min 56s
11: Brandon Heath
Show Details29min 20s
10: Sanctus Real
Show Details54min 56s
9: Jordan Feliz, Caitie Hurst
Show Details37min 40s
8: Rhett Walker
Show Details52min 27s
7: Kevin Matthews
Show Details52min 19s
6: Ben Calhoun of Citizen Way
Show Details23min 27s
5: Brett Culp and Bob Goff
Show Details25min 3s
4: Michael Sweet
Show Details18min 33s
3: Mac Powell
Show Details20min 58s
2: Danny Gokey
Show Details18min 37s
1: Bart Millard
Show Details14min 39s
Welcome to "What Else? with Corey Mann"!
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