What Day is Today?

Join two brothers as they celebrate and discuss lesser-known holidays each week. The hosts, Branson and Christian Freed, unravel the history of these celebrations with many jokes, stories, and semi related tangents along the way.


National Coloring Book and Ice Cream Sandwich Day
Show Details54min 18s
Aunt and Uncle's, Bagelfest, Coffee Milkshake & All or Nothing Day
Show Details1hr 19min
Daiquiri, Get Out of the Dog House, and Stick Your Tongue Out Days
Show Details54min 9s
Simplicity Day, Pecan Pie Day, Paper Bag Day, Different Colored Eyes Day, & Eat Your Jello Day
Show Details1hr 27min
National Bikini, Graham Cracker, and Apple Turnover Day
Show Details52min 35s