• Coming Soon - A Podcast for Healthcare Professionals

    The Wellness In Real Life Podcast is an extension of wellnessirl.com. After dealing with,and over coming burnout, brought on by years of work as a Mental Health Therapist is when Dr. Holland-Kornegay, and her husband, William Kornegay both decided that next move would have to involve burnout. One of the most neglected challenges that Health Care Professionals face on an every day basis. And thus they co-founded Wellness In Real Life (WIRL). And born from that, The Wellness In Real Life Podcast.

    The Wellness In Real Life Podcast will be a trusted space where our Healthcare Professionals will learn, and know, from other Health Care Professionals (current and retired) that the feelings, and emotions,they carry as Health Care Professionals are not isolated feelings that they carry alone.

    1m | Jan 29, 2021
Wellness in Real Life