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E112: Rise of Skywalker and the Rise of Charity Critics
Show Details1hr 47min
E111: BAFTA and PAG Film Nominations and the Wednesday Raven Awards
Show Details1hr 50min
E110: Best Movies of 2019 and The Rise of Skywalker Box Office
Show Details2hr 40min
E109: Rise of Skywalker Box Office and the Media
Show Details2hr 12min
E108: 20K Celebration, Rise of Skywalker, and 2019 in Review
Show Details2hr 32min
E107: Rise of Skywalker Spoiler Chat
Show Details2hr 36min
E106: The Chosen of Valhalla Stream
Show Details2hr 18min
E105: The Rise of Skywalker, Fandom, and the Mainstream Media
Show Details1hr 29min
E104: Ghostbusters Afterlife and The Rise of Skywalker
Show Details1hr 39min
E103: Mandalorian, Box Office, and Rise of Skywalker
Show Details1hr 38min
E102: Black Widow Trailer and the Box Office
Show Details1hr 44min
E101: Chosen of Valhalla Bonus Stream
Show Details2hr 15min
E100: Rosetta the Chosen of Valhalla
Show Details1hr 35min
E99: Mandalorian, Box Office, and Black Friday
Show Details1hr 32min
E98: Charlie's Angels, Box Office, and Black Friday
Show Details1hr 33min
E97: Joker Box Office, Hollywood, and The Mandalorian
Show Details1hr 34min
E96: The Mandalorian Spoiler Talk and Disney Plus Fail
Show Details1hr 53min
E95: Joker, Dark Fate, and the Box Office
Show Details2hr 3min
E94: Joker Box Office, Dark Fate, and More
Show Details2hr 5min
E93: Dark Fate Box Office, Star Wars, and 19K!
Show Details2hr 16min
E92: Benioff and Weiss, Star Wars, and HBO Max
Show Details1hr 40min
E91: Chosen of Valhalla Talk Disney, Joker, and More!
Show Details2hr 45min
E90: Rise of Skywalker Presale Facts and Halloween Trivia
Show Details2hr 38min
E89: That Star Wars Rise of Skywalker Trailer
Show Details2hr 1min
E88: Freedom, China, and Quentin Tarantino
Show Details1hr 51min
E87: Joker Box Office and AMC Theaters Starts Goes On Demand
Show Details1hr 34min
E86: October Trivia Night and Movie Talk
Show Details1hr 52min
E85: Joker Box Office, CNN, and Alita Victory
Show Details1hr 46min
E84: Alita Cult, Joker Box Office, and More
Show Details1hr 23min
E83: One Man Low Council Movie Chat
Show Details1hr 38min
E82: 31 Years Down and More to Go! (Birthday Stream)
Show Details2hr
E81: George Lucas Deserved Better
Show Details2hr 15min
E80: Rambo 4K, John Wick, and More
Show Details1hr 32min
E79: One Man Low Council Open Forum
Show Details1hr 36min
E78: Batwoman, Rotten Tomatoes, and Star Wars Talk
Show Details1hr 29min
E77: Saturday Fun About Disney With a Pinch of Salt
Show Details1hr 36min
E76: One Man Low Council- Star Wars, Disney, and More!
Show Details1hr 26min
E75: Disney Box Office and Movie Chat
Show Details1hr 30min
E74: Mandalorian Concerns and Marvel Talk
Show Details1hr 35min
E73: One Man Low Council- Open Forum
Show Details1hr 55min
E72: Episode IX Leaks, Early Joker Reviews, and More!
Show Details1hr 41min
E71: The One Man Low and Sickly Council
Show Details1hr 32min
E70: The Chosen of Valhalla Talk D23 News and More!
Show Details2hr 17min
E69: Disney-Sony Spiderman Deal is Over...Now What?
Show Details1hr 32min
E68: Disney Owns the Box Office...Can Anyone Actually Compete?
Show Details1hr 32min
E67: Best Buy, Swamp Thing, Legion, and More!
Show Details1hr 37min
E66: Open Forum
Show Details1hr 29min
E65: George Lucas and Star Wars
Show Details1hr 48min
E64: The Hunt Canceled, Censorship, and YouTube
Show Details1hr 50min
E63: One Man Low Council- Open Forum
Show Details1hr 32min
E62: Taika Waititi Disappoints and Movie News
Show Details1hr 40min
E61: Does Disney's Success Hurt Other Movies? ALITA GIVEAWAY!
Show Details2hr 7min
E60: My Chosen of Valhalla Talk Movies, TV, and Pop Culture
Show Details2hr 28min
E59: Asgard Move Update, Alita Sales, and Giveaway!
Show Details1hr 6min
E58: Last NOLA Stream, Alita Bluray Sales, and More!
Show Details1hr 34min
E57: The Reign of the Alita Army Begins
Show Details1hr 34min
E56: SDCC Marvel Discussion and the Future of Patreon
Show Details1hr 36min
E55: One Man Low Council 18K Celebration!
Show Details1hr 38min
E54: The Creative Void in Hollywood and Amazon Prime Day
Show Details2hr 2min
E53: 007 Goes Woke on this Happy Prime Day
Show Details1hr 24min
E52: The Sad State of Disney in the Middle of a Storm
Show Details2hr 4min
E51: Disneyland Fight Continues Week of Bad News for Disney
Show Details1hr 34min
E50: Media Elite The Independent Attacks Alita Army
Show Details1hr 28min
E49: The Hypocrisy of Disney Gives More Reasons to Boycott
Show Details1hr 52min
E48: Is it Time for a Full Disney Boycott?
Show Details2hr 18min
E47: Movie Talk, the Box Office, and Shazam 4K Giveaway
Show Details1hr 59min
E46: Box Office Flops and Life Update
Show Details1hr 7min
E45: Firestick, Streaming, and Movie Chat
Show Details1hr 26min
E44: Alita 4K Giveaway (only regulars eligible), Movie Talk, and More!
Show Details2hr 9min
E43: A Quick Family Talk with Jeremy of Geeks and Gamers
Show Details1hr 3min
E42: The Battle Against YouTube Begins (Superchats Now Disabled)
Show Details1hr 41min
E41: Sophie Turner Comments, Kristian Harloff and Collider, and Dark Phoenix
Show Details1hr 19min
E40: George Lucas...So Soyry
Show Details1hr 28min
E39: Sonic Delayed, Batwoman, and Memorial Day
Show Details1hr 27min
E38: Asgard in the Morning (Weekend Box Office and Movie Talk)
Show Details1hr 11min
E37: The Chosen of Valhalla Talk Game of Thrones and Star Wars
Show Details1hr 40min
E36: Last Day of Work, Captain Marvel, and Summer Plans
Show Details2hr 18min
E35: Game of Thrones Ends in Whimper and John Wick 4 Gets Announced
Show Details2hr 58min
E34: The John Wick Universe Reigns Supreme
Show Details1hr 37min
E33: Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and YouTube
Show Details1hr 52min
E32: Game of Thrones Becomes Game of Subversion
Show Details1hr 35min
E31: Game of Thrones, Detective Pikachu, and...Unicorn Store...bleh
Show Details1hr 49min
E30: Disney's Calendar Shows They Are Out of Ideas
Show Details1hr 41min
E29: That Spider Man Trailer, GOT Spoilers, and the MCU
Show Details1hr 52min
E28: Odin Interviews The Flick Pick! (Endgame and GOT Spoilers)
Show Details1hr 19min
E27: Star Wars Day, Endgame Box Office, and More!
Show Details1hr 40min
E26: Endgame Time Travel Issues, Rian Johnson, and the MCU
Show Details2hr
E25: My Chosen of Valhalla Speak Endgame Spoilers
Show Details2hr 12min
E24: The Battle of Winterfell and Endgame Spoiler Talk
Show Details2hr 2min
E23: Endgame Spoiler Talk and the Future of the MCU
Show Details2hr 8min
E22: Live From Tennessee!
Show Details1hr 7min
E21: 17K Holy Thursday Celebration
Show Details1hr 56min
E20: Brie Larson, Tom Kane, and Star Wars
Show Details1hr 51min
E19: Star Wars Celebration Recap
Show Details2hr 10min
E18: The Future of the MCU and X-Men
Show Details2hr 6min
E17: Does Box Office Success Make a Movie Good?
Show Details1hr 41min
E16: The Movie Going Experience, the MCU, and Star Wars
Show Details2hr 47min
E15: The League of Nations Discuss Article 13, YouTube, and Captain Marvel
Show Details2hr 30min
E14: Endgame Presale Madness, Alita Sequel Talk, and the Future of the MCU
Show Details2hr 8min
E13: The Day of Fools, Shazam, and the Box Office
Show Details2hr 29min
E12: The Chosen of Valhalla (Kyle and Laura) Talk Star Wars, Kyle's New Book, and More!
Show Details2hr 3min
E1: Welcome to Asgard Captain Marvel Spoiler Review Talk
Show Details1hr 24min
E3: One Man Low Council on the Box Office
Show Details1hr 19min
E4: Captain Marvel and a Troll Attack
Show Details1hr 24min
E5: St. Patrick's Day Featuring Julie from WishedUpon AVlog!
Show Details1hr 24min
E6: Open Forum!
Show Details1hr 16min
E7: Fan Mail Open Forum!
Show Details1hr 14min
E8: 16K Celebration, Disney/Fox Deal, and More!
Show Details1hr 57min
E9: Captain Marvel and the Future of the MCU
Show Details1hr 50min
E10: Support Nerdrotic's New Channel, Article 13, and More!
Show Details1hr 29min
E11: Open Forum and a Gift from Australia!
Show Details1hr 43min
E2: Captain Marvel Box Office and Alita
Show Details1hr 18min
Episode 20: Solo A Star Wars Nightmare
Show Details25min 51s
Episode 19: Cobra Kai Series Review!
Show Details21min 4s
Episode 18: May the 4th! A Star Wars Film Ranking
Show Details28min 42s
Episode 17: Avengers Infinity War Review! (Spoiler and Non-Spoiler)
Show Details30min 5s