#291 - Survivor Middle Aged Mafia

1h 17m | Jun 5, 2024

So excited to share our latest episode featuring three incredible guests from Survivor: Caroline, Mark, and Eden! 🏝️

We dove deep into the Survivor experience, from the intense challenges to the sleepless nights and the raw emotions.

We chatted about everything - our strategies, alliances, and those unforgettable moments that made our journey truly special.

Tune in to hear:

✨ Behind-the-scenes stories from Survivor.

✨ How we dealt with hunger, exhaustion, and the mental game.

✨ Personal reflections on life during and after the show.

Whether you're a die-hard Survivor fan or new to the show, this episode has something for everyone.

We even shared some laughs about our strategies and how we bonded over beans and rice. 🍚

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[00:27] Discussion about Pre-Podcast Chats

[00:42] Kitty and Survivor Guests Talk about Their Experience on Survivor

[04:34] Challenges and Strategies on Survivor

[16:34] Forming Alliances and Nonverbal Communication

[23:34] Physical and Mental Preparation for Survivor

[36:34] Food and Hunger on Survivor

[43:34] Social Dynamics and Relationships on Survivor

[55:02] Negative Social Media Reactions

[01:01:01] Post-Survivor Physical and Emotional Recovery

[01:07:07] Final Thoughts and Reflections

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