#290 - Improving her body composition and being in the best shape of her life at 47 with Lyric Turner

30m | May 29, 2024

At 47, Lyric transformed her body, mindset, and life in ways she never thought possible. From being a busy mom of three to becoming a fitness inspiration, she shares her journey of losing weight, building muscle, and finding a new sense of confidence and radiance.

Lyric talks about her struggles with intermittent fasting, the challenges of staying motivated while traveling, and how she finally found a sustainable way to achieve her fitness goals with the right mindset and support. Her story is proof that it's never too late to start, and you can achieve anything with the right tools and community.

Join us as we dive into her two-year transformation journey, the importance of discipline, and how her newfound strength has positively impacted every area of her life. Trust me, you’ll leave this episode feeling inspired and ready to take on any challenge that comes your way!

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00:00 - Introduction and Lyric's initial thoughts on her fitness journey

00:10 - Lyric shares her current weight and personal growth over the last two years

00:42 - Introduction of Kitty Bloomfield and Lyric's background

01:10 - Discussion about Lyric's two-year program journey and mindset changes

02:33 - Lyric's health journey and struggles before joining the program

05:05 - Lyric's experience with intermittent fasting and its effects on her health

08:40 - Discovery of the prometabolic community and joining the program

09:38 - Lyric's initial doubts and motivation from the podcast

11:00 - Results from the first 16-week program and the decision to continue

12:10 - Developing a disciplined routine and integrating workouts into her life

14:53 - Personal growth and changes in mindset and discipline

15:55 - Lyric's current calorie intake and weight loss progress

17:29 - Long-term commitment and seeing progress over time

18:10 - Motivation from early gym progress and competition with herself

19:02 - Lyric's intuitive eating and maintaining weight during travels

21:00 - Balancing family meals and the program

22:58 - Challenges of the program and overcoming initial difficulties

24:44 - Enjoying the results and feeling confident at 47

26:06 - Importance of coaching and accountability in achieving results

28:00 - Encouraging women to join the program and take action now

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