#292 - Update on the last 12 months with Craig McDonald

35m | Jun 12, 2024

We’ve had quite the journey over the last 12 months, from my time on Survivor to making a big move to Dubai, dealing with major business changes, and going through some serious personal growth.

In this episode, we dive into everything that’s been happening, why we moved, the challenges we faced, and the exciting new directions we’re taking with our businesses.

We’re also excited to share more about our new app and group coaching program, designed to make our approach more accessible to women everywhere. 📲💪

It’s been a bloody rollercoaster and one of the hardest and most challenging times of my life, but we’re stronger and more connected than ever.

We’re going to be podcasting regularly again, covering all the topics you love and answering your burning questions. 🔥

So grab your headphones and join us for a heartfelt, honest, and inspiring chat. You won’t want to miss it!

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[00:16] Catching Up: Kitty and Craig talk about their long break from podcasting.

[00:23] Post-Survivor: Kitty discusses her time on Survivor and its impact on her and Craig.

[01:04] Survivor Experience: Kitty shares details about the Survivor experience and the challenges it presented.

[02:05] Life Without Contact: Craig describes life without Kitty during her time on Survivor.

[03:56] Business Changes: Kitty and Craig discuss the major changes in their business while Kitty was away.

[04:52] Business Challenges: Craig shares the challenges he faced managing the business alone.

[05:55] Business Structure: Kitty and Craig talk about the changes they made to their business structure.

[08:06] Personal Struggles: Kitty and Craig open up about the personal struggles they faced upon her return.

[09:13] Relationship Dynamics: Discussion about the dynamics of their relationship and the impact of working together.

[10:48] Counseling and Growth: How counseling helped them grow and improve their relationship.

[13:37] Decision to Stay: The decision to stay together and work on their relationship.

[16:03] Getting Married: Kitty and Craig talk about their journey to getting married.

[18:37] New Business Ventures: Launching a new supplement company and other exciting projects.

[19:02] Moving to Dubai: The decision to move to Dubai and the challenges it presented.

[22:00] Leaving the Dogs: Emotional discussion about leaving their dogs behind in Tasmania.

[26:29] Settling in Dubai: How they are settling into their new life in Dubai.

[28:00] Dubai Lifestyle: Differences in lifestyle and culture in Dubai compared to Australia.

[32:08] Recent Personal Challenges: Kitty shares recent personal challenges, including family health issues and the loss of a friend.

[34:01] Future Plans: Future travel plans and business goals.

[35:08] Closing Remarks: Kitty and Craig wrap up the episode and tease future podcast topics.

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