#288 - Losing 30lbs, feeling herself again and getting her radiance back with Katrina Gonzalez

20m | May 15, 2024

This week I'm so excited to share an inspiring story from one of our amazing clients, Katrina. She's a mum of three who has not only shed 30 pounds but has also transformed her entire life! 💃🌞 From struggling with post-pregnancy weight and discomfort, Katrina has revolutionized her lifestyle with some guidance from our program.

I've seen her transition from an office job to her dream of working remotely, which means more quality time with her kids and enjoying sunny breaks. Her secrets?

Moving away from traditional diets to focusing on what truly nourishes her body, adding weight training, and embracing a mindset shift that’s all about positivity. 🥗💪

Her journey has been about much more than physical transformation; it’s about gaining confidence, grabbing life’s opportunities, and even starting her own dance program!

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02:00 - Katrina's Background: Katrina shares her early life as a dancer, her post-college weight challenges, and her experiences with dieting before joining the program.

05:00 - Discovering the Podcast: How Katrina found Kitty’s podcast during COVID-19 and the initial changes she made to her diet between her pregnancies.

08:00 - Joining the Program: Katrina discusses her decision to fully commit to the program after the birth of her third child and her goals for joining.

10:00 - Physical and Mental Improvements: Katrina details the physical changes including weight loss and increased strength, and the significant improvements in sleep, digestion, and mood.

15:00 - Life Changes: Discussion about how the program helped Katrina gain the confidence to change jobs, the flexibility to work remotely, and the overall positive ripple effects in her life.

20:00 - Work and Family Life Integration: How the new dietary and exercise routines have integrated into her family life, the adjustments made at home, and the support from her husband.

25:00 - New Opportunities and Personal Growth: Katrina talks about starting a dance program with a new friend, embodying confidence, and how the program’s mindset shift contributed to her life.

30:00 - Program Challenges and Rewards: Katrina reflects on the challenges she faced starting the program, the ongoing results, and what she enjoys most about the program.

35:00 - Long-Term Vision and Advice: Katrina offers advice to others considering the program, emphasizing the transformative and comprehensive benefits of joining.

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