#287 - The scary truth about fish oil with Bryan Thomas

17m | May 8, 2024

Back in my crazy diet days I used to take a tonne of fish oil and eat flaxseed oil with my tuna and green beans every day for morning tea.

Ever wonder about the real story behind fish oil? 🐟💊 Today on the Podcast, we've brought back our wonderful friend Bryan Thomas from Performance Neuro to unpack the myths and truths about fish oil supplements that many of us believe are health boosters.

Did you know that fish oil started as a waste product in fish hatcheries and was almost considered a pollutant?

Through clever marketing, it's been sold as a must-have for health, but here's the twist: it might not be as beneficial as we think!

Bryan sheds light on how fish oil can actually suppress immune function, which might mask symptoms without truly healing us.

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1:30 - The surprising origins of fish oil as a waste product

3:45 - How fish oil was marketed as a health necessity

6:10 - The potential negative effects of fish oil on immune function

9:25 - Discussion on polyunsaturated fats and their impact on health

12:00 - The myths around essential fatty acids and omega-3s

15:20 - Deep dive into the use of flaxseed oil in industrial applications

18:30 - Debunking the health benefits of farm-raised salmon

21:45 - Recommendations for safer dietary choices and avoiding PUFAs

24:00 - Personal anecdotes from Kitty on her past experiences with fish oil

27:15 - Q&A with listeners on alternatives to fish oil and healthy eating tips

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