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Weekly High with LSD

Leslie D'Monte, Publishing Director and L Subramanyan, Founder & CEO of Trivone analyse the week's most important Enterprise Tech news that affect India.


Who let the Doge out
Show Details54min 38s
Can India be an AI superpower?
Show Details52min 14s
Are SMBs more innovative when it comes to technology?
Show Details54min 20s
EP 8 Sid Pai gives tips for tech entrepreneurs and more
Show Details47min
Whatsapp communication failure, Phishing Nidhi Razdan and more.
Show Details36min 38s
Making sense of Tech disruptions - Trump Ban, WhatsApp data sharing, Bitcoin & more.
Show Details39min 48s
Looking Back; Looking Ahead
Show Details58min 59s
Year End Special: Top Enterprise Tech Trends in 2020
Show Details1hr 13min
US Anti-Trust Laws and Cyber Wars
Show Details25min 3s