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WeDefine Sisterhood

WeDefine Sisterhood’s mission is to empower and affirm women through courageous conversation with ourselves and our sisters. WeDefine Sisterhood was established to cultivate a safe space for women to heal and offers biblically rooted wisdom to truly express a life of transformed thinking.


WDS E6: Back Outside?
Show Details48min 40s
WDS E5: Relationships: Defining love
Show Details55min 21s
WDS E4: Relationships: #Ashy Energy
Show Details48min 27s
WDS E3: Relationships: Where the journey begins
Show Details1hr 8min
WDS E2: Where do we go from here?
Show Details48min 24s
WDS E1: There is a Time for Everything
Show Details46min 9s
WDS E0: Introduction
Show Details13min 16s