Episode #50: Glass Half Full

Season 1 | Episode 50
5m | Aug 14, 2023

Scott takes the mic solo and dives into the concept of whether the glass is half full or half empty and how perception truly is reality. Sharing his experiences as a glass-half-empty type of person most of his life but trying to make the full-time change to a glass-half-full mindset. Life is full of choices, some of the most important ones are how we choose to react to events in our lives. We often allow ourselves to never step out of our comfort zone because the conditions aren’t perfect, the problem is conditions will never be perfect. But when we allow ourselves to find the positive in any situation, we truly begin to grow and start to learn that the best lessons come from the farthest falls. Don’t focus on the bumps and bruises from the fall but rather on how you got there & how you plan to learn from this experience. 

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