• Episode #55: Knot Just a Success Story

    Tune in for one of our favorite episodes yet! Scott & Zach, sit down with a local couple Justin & Lynea who have built a social media following of over half a million followers on both TikTok and Instagram. The demographic of followers unintentionally turned into the perfect following to create a wedding business. Their presence on social media blew up from a variety of things but the main focus being how to plan a beautiful wedding on a low budget. Now the couple is traveling the world planning and setting up weddings, as well as picking up another avenue of income through photography & videography. The best part about it is they absolutely love what they do. This is an episode you won’t want to miss!

    43m | Sep 18, 2023
  • Episode #54: Big Moves

    In today’s episode, Scott & Zach dive into Zachs recent trip to California for a sales convention with Monster, which ultimately led to the job offer Zach has been waiting for. Scott breaks down the expansion of the Crunch franchise in Central New York, with the two sharing the importance of sticking to your orginal plan. Everything happens for a reason, if we try to rush in too many directions, we might miss the original opportunity we were looking for.

    52m | Sep 11, 2023
  • Episode #53: Experience is Key

    In today’s episode, Scott takes the mic solo to reflect on the growth he has seen within himself since beginning the podcast. One of the main takeaways being that, if we truly want to succeed, experience is key in every part of our lives. We become experts in the different places we dedicate our time to and it is within those spots that we can truly flourish. It’s all about finding fulliment in what you do and how you carry yourself. To do so you need to spend your time sharping your understanding through experience.

    8m | Sep 4, 2023
  • Episode #52: Time Flies

    In today’s episode, Scott & Zachs reflect on the trials and tribulations of one year straight of podcast episodes, touching on some of the high & low points of the year and enforcing the idea that being successful requires discipline when no one else is looking. Starting something new is never easy but sticking with it through its infant stages is the only way you will truly allow it to reach its full potential. When you continue to invest in yourself and your ideas, you are compounding interest which you may not see in real time but it’s there. The main message repeated over the last year; no one can do it but you, so start betting on yourself so that in time others can too.

    25m | Aug 28, 2023
  • Episode #51: Learning Experience

    In today’s episode, Scott & Zach are joined by returning guest Michael La Sala, as they dive into the importance of taking every experience as a learning opportunity. It can sometimes be hard to find the light in situations but when we are able to find that silver lining and learn from each as an opportunity, we truly begin to grow. The group also touches on the idea of moving with the times or getting left behind. Now a days, too many people get stuck in their ways and end up missing out on all the opportunities they have been waiting or hoping for. We have to be adaptable as times change around us to allow ourselves to continue to grow.

    46m | Aug 21, 2023
  • Episode #50: Glass Half Full

    Scott takes the mic solo and dives into the concept of whether the glass is half full or half empty and how perception truly is reality. Sharing his experiences as a glass-half-empty type of person most of his life but trying to make the full-time change to a glass-half-full mindset. Life is full of choices, some of the most important ones are how we choose to react to events in our lives. We often allow ourselves to never step out of our comfort zone because the conditions aren’t perfect, the problem is conditions will never be perfect. But when we allow ourselves to find the positive in any situation, we truly begin to grow and start to learn that the best lessons come from the farthest falls. Don’t focus on the bumps and bruises from the fall but rather on how you got there & how you plan to learn from this experience. 

    5m | Aug 14, 2023
  • Episode #49: Kid's Night

    On today’s episode, Scott & Zach sit down with two young minds of our future, Zach’s two younger cousins Rocco (12) & Julia(11). Julia was recently a guest on her very first podcast, so the guys thought this would be a great opportunity to bring them on to hear from a younger demographic. The group talks about current events and technology through the lens of different generations. They dive into how differently they are viewed and used, by kids today versus generations before, and how the same problems are or aren’t handled similarly. This episode is a great opportunity to see a different viewpoint created over time with recent events in today’s society.

    32m | Aug 7, 2023
  • Episode #48: The Journey to 30

    In today’s episode, Zach & Scott reflect on Zach’s journey through life, as he closes in on 30 years old. The two talk about some of the important lessons he has learned over the years & why it is so important to apply these lessons we learn as we travel through life. Life will continuously challenge us in new and unique ways, so we must continue to adapt and grow in new and unique ways. To do so we need to always have an open mind to learning and new things while remembering to be grateful for what we already have and have achieved in life. Remember, gratitude for what we have will always help us find a purpose to earn our keep.

    36m | Jul 31, 2023
  • Episode #47: Ego vs. Self-Confidence

    In today’s episode, Scott takes the mic solo and dives into the importance of knowing the difference between one’s ego & self-confidence. Self-confidence comes from intimately knowing yourself and having the humility to accept the truth in situations to allow yourself to grow. On the other hand, ego stems from the insecurities that we project onto others. When we let our ego control us we will put ourselves in situations where we can control the narrative, however with self-confidence we will constantly challenge ourselves and prove to ourselves we are who we say we are. If you catch yourself having a hard time telling the difference tune in to hear Scott’s perspective.

    6m | Jul 24, 2023
  • Episode #46: Ever Been in a Funk?

    Zach takes the mic solo today as he dives into the reality that we all go through ups and downs in our lives. We all have periods of time we find ourselves in “funks” but the key factor is always how we respond. When we respond with resiliency we put ourselves in a position to succeed. It also comes down to those we choose to surround ourselves with, if you want to be a winner, you need to surround yourself with winners. In today’s age, many are afraid to cut ties but if we are trying to move up in the world, sadly not everyone will be willing to put in the work to move with us. When those situations arise, we need to remind ourselves we are picking between them & ourselves.

    23m | Jul 17, 2023
  • Episode #45: Pick Your Battles

    In today’s episode, Scott & Zach dive into the importance of choosing our battles when it comes to our everyday life. Things won’t always go how we want them to, so it’s not necessarily what we do but rather how we react after the fact. As individuals we want to try our best to stay true to who we are & not allow others or their actions to cause us to lose sight of that. If you’re a kind person, be kind, if you’re a giving person, be giving, regardless of exterior factors. When we are able to master this thought process we begin to master who we are.

    29m | Jul 10, 2023
  • Episode #44: Be Your Unfiltered Self

    In todays episode Scott takes the mic solo as he talks about the importance of finding people you can be your unfiltered self around. If we don’t surround ourselves with people who support us for who we truly are, we will never beable to face the world infront of us. Find those people you can speak freely to without worry of judgment, that will support you as a person. Choose those people who love you for who you are, not what you can do for them. 

    5m | Jul 3, 2023
  • Episode #43: Fellas, Let's Have a Conversation

    On today’s episode, Scott & Zach are joined by Anthony as they dive into the touchy but very important subject of men’s mental health and the awareness being brought, or not brought, this month. Anthony very openly shares his story of being a high-level functioning addict working in the finance world. Going from putting on a daily mask daily, to finally saying enough is enough, he shares what that journey has been like as a male in today’s society. The group talks about the importance of loving yourself and why this is crucial to your ability to love others. If you are or have a male in your life, this is the pod for you.

    52m | Jun 26, 2023
  • Episode #42: Crabs in a Bucket

    In today’s episode, Scott takes the mic solo as he talks about one of his favorite podcasts and the idea of crabs in a bucket. Whenever we try to pull ourselves out of the social norms, those following those norms will always try to pull us back down. When we are trying to make changes in our life the only validation we need is our own. When we allow our self-esteem to be based on how we truly feel about ourselves, the world changes.

    5m | Jun 19, 2023
  • Episode #41: The Smog

    In today’s episode, Scott & Zach dive into some of the recent events going on, starting with the wildfires burning in Canada & the smoke cover it has created up and down the east coast. The two then shift to the recent SEC lawsuit against crypto exchange titans Coinbase & Binance, finally touching on the increased use of A.I in the recent months. Tune in for an update on what’s new & hear the guys’ thoughts.

    35m | Jun 12, 2023
  • Episode #40: MENtal Health

    In today’s episode, Scott takes the mic solo, looking into what his overarching goal in life is and how that lens has changed over the years. He also dives into one of the touchier subjects we see today, men’s mental health. It’s a topic many don’t like to talk about however, that’s all the more reason to. As a society, we must find a common ground to move forward as a whole. The saying we’re only as strong as the weakest link holds and that weak link is the male population.

    5m | Jun 5, 2023
  • Episode #39: The Easy Way Doesn't Pay

    In today’s episode, Scott & Zach discuss the importance of perspective and that if you demand things to be done to your standard you need to do them yourself. Now a days, too many people consistently depend on others and when people come in below the expectation bar they are disappointed or let down. When we are able to shred this feeling and focus on the things within our control, we truly begin to elevate ourselves. We may not be able to control what others do but we can control how we react and move forward.

    30m | May 29, 2023
  • Episode #38: Leap of Faith

    In today’s episode, the group comes full circle as Scott & Zach are joined by owners of Just Bros Vintage Justin Johnson, who was the group’s first guest, and his partner Justin Dwyer. The group reflects on where the business was and where it has gone, as well as Justin Johnson taking the leap of faith to join his partner as full-time entrepreneurs. Taking that leap can be scary but hearing his story is one that will motivate you to find your niche. It all starts with betting on yourself. No one else is going to until you can prove to yourself you are the person you portray. Join the group as they share their experiences diving headfirst into finding themselves & their passions.

    44m | May 22, 2023
  • Episode #37: Are you Weird?

    In today’s episode, Scott takes the mic solo and dives into the reality that everyone’s weird, it’s all about who and when we decide to show it. Too many people are focused on creating a false perception of themselves to fit the general narratives we as a society have created. But by doing so, they are stripping themselves of what makes them unique & losing the opportunity to attract like minded people. If we want to find people who are similar, we need to put out the signals and we do that by being our true selves, carefree of judgement of others.

    3m | May 15, 2023
  • Episode #36: Male Insecurities

    In today’s episode, Scott & Zach are joined by local business owner Mike La Sala & entrepreneur Louie Falvo. The group dives into the restaurant business world, discussing what it’s like to work in big city kitchens, as well as owning your own restaurant. The group pivots to discuss the topic of male insecurities we face in today’s society, stemming from the stereotypes surrounding men. A lot of men think showing vulnerability or talking about your insecurities makes you weak but it’s actually quite the opposite. Tune in and hear the groups take on this growing issue we see in society today.

    1h 10m | May 8, 2023
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