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We Talk 2 Much

Welcome to We Talk 2 Much Podcast! Hosted by NYU students Roksy and Nicole, this show gives the inside scoop on college life in New York City. Get ready for our funny stories, special guests, semi-reliable advice, and more! Follow us on Instagram: @wetalk2muchpod


Year 2 Season 2!
Show Details24min 34s
Our Guide 2 Hot Girl Summer
Show Details23min 36s
How 2 Thrive In College
Show Details41min 51s
Strangers 2 Friends 2.... Lovers?
Show Details38min 57s
In 2 The Mind Of A College Boy
Show Details41min 13s
The Valentine's Day Special!
Show Details29min 10s
Back 2 School
Show Details25min 39s
Hello 2022!
Show Details23min 58s
Expectations 2 Reality
Show Details31min 27s
Way 2 Thankful
Show Details19min 57s
Welcome 2 Our Show!
Show Details22min 31s