We Should Do This Again Sometime with Kat & Marc

From the minds that brought you such podcasting brilliance as Theater from Our Butts, The Royal Rumbowl and Through the Lens comes the latest greatness from the Hyphen Podcast Group. ILaPoW's Cosplay GAWD Kit Kat Chinetti (Kathryn-Chinetti on Venmo) and the Semi-Regular Co-Host of the Hypen Nation Podcast,THE Big Dog (ROO!) Marcus "Showinmadlov" Robinson team up to review the crap out of your favorites in today's film and television. If you're looking for a safe place to hide from Reylos and dude bros, come on in. If you're a dude bro looking for a movie pod to make you angry enough to punch yourself in the junk. But not sad enough to work out your mommy issues. It's got something for everyone!


8. Trilogy Case Study-Ridley Scott
Show Details1hr 53min
7. Trilogy Case Study-George Lucas
Show Details2hr 7min
6. Pan
Show Details1hr 59min
5. Enchanted
Show Details2hr 4min
4. In Too Deep
Show Details1hr 59min
3. Furry Vengeance
Show Details2hr 1min
2. The Lost World
Show Details2hr 9min
1. The Conversation
Show Details2hr 6min