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We Run The Night

We Run The Night is a Shadowrun 6th Edition Actual Play featuring witty characters that will make you laugh, cry, and perhaps question your own morality. What would you do in the face of evil? For the un-initiated, Shadowrun is a science fantasy tabletop role-playing game set in a near-future fictional universe in which cybernetics, magic and fantasy creatures co-exist.

Join host JBrews and cast for a gritty role play adventure!

Episodes were streamed live on Twitch. Season 3 has officially wrapped, and a new game has begun! Catch JBrews live every Thursday at 9 PM ET at Twitch.tv/JBrews where we just started We Run The Stars, a Starfinder TTRPG Actual Play!


S3E20: The Last Step, Part 2
Show Details3hr 18min
S3E19: The Last Step, Part 1
Show Details3hr 3min
S3E18: Homecoming
Show Details2hr 58min
S3E17: Noticed
Show Details2hr 56min
S3E16: The Devil Went Down to Aztlan
Show Details2hr 59min
S3E15: Gone Like the Wind
Show Details2hr 51min
S3E14: Final Night in Paradise
Show Details2hr 37min
S3E13: Washed Up and Researched
Show Details2hr 38min
SE12: A Long Time Coming...
Show Details2hr 57min
S3E11: Vacation
Show Details2hr 45min
S3E10: Introductions
Show Details3hr 11min
S3E9: Shopping Spree
Show Details2hr 57min
S3E8: A Subtle Greeting
Show Details2hr 26min
S3E7: Under Guise
Show Details3hr 5min
S3E6: Trust Fall
Show Details2hr 44min
S3E5: It Begins... Part 2
Show Details2hr 52min
S3E4: It Begins... Part 1
Show Details3hr 7min
S3E3: Going Up!
Show Details3hr 10min
S3E2: A Slippery Slope
Show Details2hr 46min
S3E1: High Life
Show Details3hr 2min
S2E27: A New Challenger Approaches!
Show Details3hr 1min
S2E26: A Breath of Fresh Air
Show Details2hr 11min
S2E25: Family Feuds
Show Details3hr 2min
S2E24: Draining Secrets
Show Details2hr 36min
S2E23: A Taste For Power
Show Details2hr 52min
S2E22: Lights and Shadows Part 2
Show Details3hr 55min
S2E21: Lights and Shadows
Show Details3hr 21min
S2E20: KRIME Box
Show Details2hr 58min
S2E19: This or That
Show Details2hr 20min
S2E18: Bloodlust
Show Details2hr 45min
S2E17: Morning Brew
Show Details2hr 34min
S2E16: Up In Flames
Show Details2hr 55min
S2E15: The Last Goodbye
Show Details2hr 46min
S2E14: Tipping Point
Show Details2hr 33min
S2E13: 2 Dwarves, 1 Van!
Show Details2hr 51min
S2E12: School's Out
Show Details3hr 23min
S2E11: Bad Karma
Show Details3hr 45min
S2E10: The Longest Night
Show Details3hr 14min
S2E9: Welcome Back!
Show Details3hr 2min
S2E8: Risky Business
Show Details3hr 39min
S2E7: Concert for One
Show Details2hr 56min
S2E6: The Revolving Door
Show Details3hr
S2E5: Favors to Ashes
Show Details2hr 48min
S2E4: Loose Ends
Show Details2hr 54min
S2E3: Homecoming
Show Details3hr 32min
S2E2: Until We Meet Again...
Show Details2hr 34min
S2E1: A New Beginning!
Show Details3hr 13min
S1E11: A Breath of Fresh Air!
Show Details2hr 4min
S1E10: There's a Snake in the Watering Hole!
Show Details2hr 28min
S1E9: Short and Sweet
Show Details1hr 2min
S1E8: Home Sweet Home!
Show Details3hr 2min
S1E7: Being Ran On!
Show Details2hr 55min
S1E6: Bring a Runner to Corp Day
Show Details2hr 15min
S1E5: Does It Smell Like Iron To You?
Show Details3hr 29min
S1E4: Room Service?
Show Details2hr 51min
S1E3: A Long Way Away From Home
Show Details2hr 26min
S1E2: A New Beginning
Show Details2hr 59min
S1E1: Pilot
Show Details3hr 29min