We Rising Sons

The show to help men rediscover what it means to be a man and help men reclaim masculinity


18: 5 Habits Holding You Back From Living Your Dream Life
Show Details26min 32s
17: Wake Up To Reality
Show Details15min 2s
16: Answering Some Questions Pt. II
Show Details33min 6s
15: Today Is Another Opportunity
Show Details3min 16s
14: Wild At Heart
Show Details47min 59s
13: A Lesson Is A Lesson No Matter How small
Show Details15min 38s
12: Toxic or Masculine? Not Both
Show Details9min 4s
11: All Talk No Action
Show Details14min 53s
10: Overachievers Are Just Winners
Show Details17min 21s
9: Become a man of Value
Show Details28min 25s
8: Our Influence In Father Absence
Show Details27min 29s
7: Answering Some Questions
Show Details20min 2s
6: The Need For Manhood
Show Details13min 8s
5: Defining Your Core Values
Show Details14min 47s
4: Self Discipline
Show Details18min 32s
3: Taking Responsibility For Your Actions & Owning Your Problems
Show Details11min 52s
2: How To Cultivate & Build Inner Strength
Show Details21min 15s
1: What It Means To Be A Man
Show Details30min 4s
Who Are You
Show Details2min 7s