We Really Love Island

Rem and Em are two American comedians binging their favorite British reality show/ global phenomenon LOVE ISLAND -- and dissecting it as they go. Remy Kassimir hosts the sex podcast How Cum and Emily Wilson is a former X Factor USA contestant. Together they define British slang and dive deep into relationships and production secrets on the show.


HOW CUM/WRLI Crossover (Chris Williamson)
Show Details1hr 17min
S2E38.Finale Broody
Show Details16min
S2E32.36 Soppy
Show Details51min 35s
S2E31 No Vocab
Show Details37min 38s
S2E30 Crumpets Pulling At Your Dick
Show Details19min 38s
S2E29 This Is Shit
Show Details29min 56s
S2E28 Switched On
Show Details21min 22s
S2E26 A Face Like A Slapped Arse
Show Details27min 56s
S2E25 Bite It
Show Details12min 11s
S2E24 Muggy
Show Details15min 31s
S2E23 Reem
Show Details35min 17s
S2E22 Butter Wouldn’t Melt
Show Details21min 53s
S2E21 C*nt
Show Details27min 47s
S2E19 Caning The Arse Out of It
Show Details27min 16s
S2E18 Doggish
Show Details31min 41s
S2E17 Sound
Show Details35min 29s
S2E16 Bang On
Show Details34min 14s
S2E15 Cheese Toastie
Show Details26min 10s
S2E14 Intense & Insane
Show Details22min 38s
S2E12 Copped Off
Show Details32min 56s
S2E11- Banterful
Show Details26min 34s
S2E10- Ructions
Show Details27min 15s
S2E9- The Banger
Show Details23min 13s
S2E8- Stroppy Huff
Show Details23min 27s
S2E7- We Suit
Show Details30min 3s
S2E5- Call 999
Show Details19min 8s
S2E4- Limping
Show Details29min 56s
S2E3- Bezzies
Show Details31min 7s
S2E2- Rump
Show Details29min 26s
S2E1- Mega
Show Details55min 50s
S1 Where Are They Now?
Show Details17min 37s
S1E34- Cheerio
Show Details24min 33s
S1E33- Winging
Show Details18min 14s
S1E32- Gormless
Show Details19min 48s
S1E31- Blow Her Legs Off
Show Details25min 30s
S1E30- Week 5 Recap
Show Details6min 52s
S1E29- A Right Seeing To
Show Details36min 57s
S1E28 - The Final Re-coupling
Show Details19min 13s
S1E27 - Dickie Bow
Show Details39min 16s
S1E26 - The Last New Arrivals
Show Details18min 32s
S1E25 - Cracking Age
Show Details32min 23s
S1E24- Week 4 Recap
Show Details10min 38s
S1E23 - In the Bin
Show Details24min 33s
S1E22 - Melons
Show Details28min 30s
S1E21 - Losing the Plot
Show Details32min 32s
S1E20 - Penis-Head Dilemma
Show Details29min 33s
S1E19 - Wifed Up
Show Details25min 40s
S1E18- Week 3 Recap
Show Details6min 46s
S1E17 - Oh My Days
Show Details20min 1s
S1E16 - Taking the Piss
Show Details25min 21s
S1E15 - Soppy
Show Details26min 10s
S1E14 - Snidey Bitches
Show Details22min 6s
S1E13 - Slag Dickhead
Show Details23min 55s
S1E12- Week 2 Recap
Show Details10min 9s
S1E11 - Wet Flannel
Show Details31min 21s
S1E10 - Bollocks
Show Details31min 46s
S1E9- Cringe
Show Details29min 8s
S1E8- Home Wrecking
Show Details18min 50s
S1E7- Mugged Off
Show Details16min 46s
S1E6- Week 1 Recap
Show Details7min 54s
S1E5- Proper Horn On
Show Details23min 14s
S1E4- Mega Lad
Show Details22min 15s
S1E3- Don't Pie Me
Show Details23min 20s
S1E2- Fanny Flutters
Show Details23min 13s
S1E1- You Alright?
Show Details46min 56s
0 Why Are We So Obsessed?
Show Details12min 4s