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We Might Be Wrong

A self-proclaimed intellectual, and unlikely pair share their experiences and thoughts on life, people, and mindset with the intention on exposing how they might be wrong about what they think they know. We welcome you to join the conversation!


A Poet's Perspective on Communication with Grada Love
Show Details1hr 6min
When You Can't See A Way Out
Show Details1hr 9min
The Key Ingredients For Success?
Show Details1hr 7min
Unfulfilling Your Potential
Show Details1hr 10min
When Everything is Going Wrong
Show Details1hr 7min
Bri Hall: When People Pleasing Goes Wrong
Show Details1hr 30min
Time to Reconsider the Company You Keep
Show Details52min 32s
Tripping Off the Power
Show Details53min 4s
How Resolutions Are Bad For Your Growth
Show Details55min 49s
Attempting to Break Generational Chains
Show Details1hr 8min
Ornamenting Your Insecurities 🎄
Show Details52min 18s
When Being Considerate Goes Wrong
Show Details50min 35s
Why Your Relationship Might Fail
Show Details50min 55s
Why Your Thanksgiving Sucked
Show Details54min 18s
"Winners Never Quit"...WRONG!
Show Details59min 10s
We're Quitting For Mental Health Reasons
Show Details1hr 16min
Wrong If You Do, Wrong If You Don't
Show Details39min 1s
Who Are You, And Who Cares?
Show Details1hr 11min
Part 2: Am I a Full Human?
Show Details48min 2s
Part 1: How to Bulletproof Yourself Against Hate
Show Details46min 50s
Bonus Clip: Dave Chappelle's The Closer - Was He Wrong?
Show Details5min 14s
Why Your Life Probably Sucks
Show Details57min 2s
I Was Afraid of Death...Until I Died
Show Details1hr 9min
Did I Pick the Wrong Co-Host?
Show Details48min 35s
It's All Connected Part 2: Your Parents Were Wrong
Show Details1hr 7min
It's All Connected Part 1: Are Modern Women Too Masculine?
Show Details52min 34s