We Had No Idea

Hello there! Kim & Peter here, we're two educated people who it turns out, don't really remember a lot of this worlds history and it's a little embarrassing. So every week we will chose a historical world event and give you the general plot lines of it so you can know more about what's happened in the place we all live! Combining research with humour we can almost guarantee you won't fall asleep during this history lesson.


Episode 14: Genghis Khan
Show Details32min 33s
Episode 13: Landmarks
Show Details56min 38s
Episode 12: Stonewall Riots
Show Details27min 18s
Episode 11: The Berlin Wall
Show Details35min 46s
Episode 10: Port Arthur Massacre
Show Details28min 58s
Episode 9: The Oklahoma City Bombing
Show Details23min 45s
Episode 8: Ruby Ridge & Waco
Show Details28min 51s
Episode 7: Apartheid
Show Details30min 56s
Episode 6: Nuclear Meltdowns
Show Details30min 1s
Episode 5: Ancient Egypt
Show Details30min 31s
Episode 4: The Killing Fields
Show Details30min 9s
Episode 3: Witch Hunts
Show Details41min 23s
Episode 2: Y2K
Show Details33min 59s
Episode 1: WWII
Show Details1hr 9min
Trailer- We Had No Idea
Show Details25s