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We Get To Live

Honest. Human. Deep.

Conversations about life and its joys and struggles. We Get to Live covers a broad range of topics we all face on a daily basis. We go down to the basics of the human experience in the hope of unearthing some wisdom to inspire and enrich us.

Inspired by the book of the same name, its author Anubhav Kandpal (Anu) converses with himself and other humans about the process of living. Part philosophy, part spirituality and part therapy this podcast will get you thinking differently.

"We Get to Live covers a broad range of themes, and I appreciated the way that the author uses his personal experiences to explain the significance of the ideas he discusses, making it feel relatable rather than purely abstract. This is clearly the product of hard thinking." — Dr. Shashi Tharoor


#4 Feeling Lost
Show Details13min 16s
#3 Solitude and The Inner Voice
Show Details20min 45s
#2 Knowledge and the Separation
Show Details19min 57s
#1 Where it all started from
Show Details19min 54s