Season 3 Episode 1: How My Ex Got Me Banned From Footlocker

19m | Jan 28, 2023

Welcome to our latest episode of the We Do it for Us Podcast! In this episode, we bring you an entertaining and relatable story from our co-host DMac. He's sharing with us his experience of embarrassment and rejection when a woman he was interested in not only ghosted him, but also got him banned from Footlocker. “How did this happen”, you may ask, but you’ll have to watch the entire video to find out.

The story is a hilarious and cringe-worthy take on dating and the struggles that come with it. DMac shares his thoughts and feelings about the situation and offers some valuable lessons that we can all learn from. You'll be laughing out loud as you listen to this relatable tale of dating gone wrong.

If you're a fan of dating and relationship content, or just love a good laugh, this episode is a must-watch. We cover topics like ghosting, rejection, and embarrassment in a way that is both funny and thought-provoking. And if you can relate to DMac's experience, you'll feel like you're not alone.

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So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the episode. And as always, thanks for watching!

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