Season 3 Episode 3: She Pulled Up at 6 AM (Job had to call the COPS)

26m | Feb 11, 2023

Get ready to be inspired by Job Mofett's powerful story of survival in this must-watch video. He opens up about his journey through a toxic relationship that turned into a nightmare of domestic abuse. With raw honesty and a touch of humor, Job shares the ups and downs of being trapped in a negative cycle that took a near tragedy for him to escape.

You'll gain a deeper understanding of how toxic relationships can slowly erode your self-worth and the strength it takes to break free. Job's unique perspective will have you laughing through the tears as he reveals how comedy can sometimes be disguised in sadness. Whether you're currently in a similar situation or just want to educate yourself, this video is a real eye-opener.

Don't miss out on this heart-wrenching but ultimately uplifting tale. And remember, if you or someone you know is facing abuse, there is hope and help available. You are not alone.

- The Family

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