We Differ Podcast

Welcome to the "We Differ" Podcast hosted by Shells & E. On this podcast we will be discussing everything from black excellence down to that annoying co-worker you just wanna put on mute. Content directed directly at our urban base but all are welcome


Show Details26min 34s
"AMC Short Squeeze"
Show Details46min 4s
"Love Doctor" | Episode 30
Show Details39min 34s
"AMC 2 THA MOON" | Episode 29
Show Details45min 48s
"Love And Marriage" | Episode 28
Show Details34min 10s
"In My White Person Voice" Episode 27
Show Details32min 22s
"Just Or Unjust" | Episode 26
Show Details41min 54s
" Smile Or Nah" Episode 25
Show Details44min 53s
"Audio Only, My Bad" | Episode 24
Show Details39min 22s
"Where My Dogs At" | Episode 23
Show Details43min 24s
"In Todays News" | Episode 22
Show Details51min 23s
"Free Will Vs. Destiny" | Episode 21
Show Details44min 16s
"School Daze" | Episode 20
Show Details1hr 5min
"Coming 2 America Review" | Episode 19
Show Details38min 13s
With Or Against Me | Episode 18
Show Details52min 36s
Judas And The Black Messiah Review | Episode 17
Show Details42min 33s
Malcom And Marie | Episode 16
Show Details52min 55s
"On The Blackhand Side" Episode 15
Show Details36min 5s
"Are You A Overthinker?" | Episode 14
Show Details33min 2s
"Kobe Bean Bryant Day" | Episode 13
Show Details53min 51s
Episode 12 | "Mind Over Matter"
Show Details41min 12s
Episode 11 | " You 2 Old 2 Rap Bro"
Show Details1hr 3min
Episode 10 | "New Year New Levels"
Show Details1hr 8min
Episode 9 | " Maybe I'm Biased"
Show Details35min 53s
Episode 8 | "Did Ya Miss Us"
Show Details54min 53s
Episode 7 | "This is About To Get Good"
Show Details30min 13s
Episode 6 |"I Think It's Culture"
Show Details44min 50s
Episode 5 | "Politics As Usual"
Show Details28min 38s
Episode 4 | "Ard, Let's Spice This Up"
Show Details53min 43s
Episode 3 | "Under The Weather"
Show Details41min 52s
Episode 2 | " I'ma fu%k ya bit@h energy"
Show Details1hr 5min
Episode 1 | "One Time For NIP"
Show Details57min 25s