Voice Positive

A podcast for voice users who want to create positive change in both their lives and their voices hosted by performance & voice coach Gemma Sugrue.  


9. Find Your Sound as an Artist
Show Details22min 24s
Become Who You Are
Show Details16min 30s
7. How to Stick To A Daily Vocal Practice
Show Details19min 10s
6. Feedback - How to deliver it and receive it
Show Details16min 44s
5. Becoming the Artist of Your Dreams
Show Details14min 10s
4. My 4 Cs Roadmap to Your Vocal Warm-Up
Show Details5min 11s
3. Protect the Asset
Show Details32min 44s
2. The Pros and Cons of Online Singing Lessons
Show Details24min 18s
1. What do I mean when I say Voice Positive?
Show Details16min