• ep.8.."it was the last bus he got on"

    this episode we discuss lockdown in xmas, our thoughts on tattoos and rz has got a new dilemma. we also talk about our tracks of the week..enjoy

    59m - Dec 4, 2020
  • ep.7..thats not singing behave yourself!

    in this episode we play a drinking game, Rz is back with a dilemma.

    1h 24m - Nov 15, 2020
  • ep.6..my uber is here!

    in this episode we discuss the current lockdown, would you let your partner go on a date for 50k. Rz is also back with another dilemma. enjoy

    58m - Nov 8, 2020
  • ep.5..

    in this episode we discuss our biggest regrets, what in life annoys us about women. Then we move onto rz's dilemma and the tune of the week!

    1h 2m - Oct 13, 2020
  • ep.4..he took two L's that day

    we discuss the jacob blake incident, what would you do for 1million, rz's dilemma and go through our track of the week

    1h 6m - Sep 19, 2020
  • ep.3.."im going home" "no your not your tyres are flat"

    this week we discuss heavyweight boxing, rz's dilemma and introduce 'track of the week'.

    1h 30m - Sep 8, 2020
  • ep.2..I just want you to sell it to me!

    this episode we discuss the differences between men and women, the champions league and rz's new dilemma. enjoy

    1h 12m - Aug 30, 2020
  • ep.1..Are womens changing rooms like mens??

    Ever wondered what could be conversed between 4 guys, a few chicken wings and a glass of the finest alcoholic beverage? Well you are about to find out!!

    1h 9m - Aug 26, 2020
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vodka and wings