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Conversations and debates on many different things to make us young people think. Here to help elevate, educate but also entertain you guys to become and bring positive influence to those around you and beyond.


Results Day 2020 | Our Thoughts
Show Details22min 16s
Hasan Ali: Dealing With Loss | Get2Know - Ep 3
Show Details23min 49s
Daniel Roberts: Journey Of A Pro | Get2Know - Ep 2
Show Details34min 25s
Handling Things Differently | Let’s Talk Racism Pt. 2
Show Details21min 20s
Empower One Another | Let’s Talk Racism Pt. 1
Show Details23min 55s
‘Learn to Cheer Yourself On’ | Addressing Adversity
Show Details23min 3s
‘Elevation Requires Separation’ | Real Relations #1
Show Details39min 34s
Destiny Ogali: Mindset in Motion | Get2Know - Ep 1
Show Details30min 21s
‘Likes Literally Mean Nothing’ | Gifts, Talents & Content Creation #1
Show Details32min
Tough Times Never Last
Show Details19min 47s
‘Don’t Drown Yourself’ | Relationships & Fellowships ft. David & Rory
Show Details23min 48s
Find Your Balance
Show Details20min 38s