Vimoh Talks

Vijayendra Mohanty on media, culture, and creativity. A podcast about where India came from and where it is going.


Star Trek, China, and leaving home
Show Details14min 8s
Echo chambers can be good
Show Details10min 43s
Doing what's easy, dooming what's hard
Show Details5min 14s
Wolves of India
Show Details5min 30s
Superman, Zod, and cultural landscapes
Show Details9min 3s
Deshbhakti vs Deshprem
Show Details9min 7s
Trailer: What this podcast is about
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Invisible people of the future
Show Details21min 49s
Star Trek and the illusion of eternal enemies
Show Details9min 50s
Power, bias, and the meaning of peace
Show Details4min 44s
Nightfall, hope, and the Hulk
Show Details10min 30s
YouTube, TikTok, and true cringe
Show Details8min 31s
On hurt religious sentiments
Show Details17min 54s
Corporate greed and farmer protests
Show Details5min 43s
Is India's past ruining India's future?
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Let's talk about privilege
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