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Views From The Back Seat

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a firefighter? Neil and Eric join in conversation about the career as a firefighter and random thoughts along the way. This may be the most intimate look inside the workings of a firefighter's mind.


Episode 50
Show Details40min 18s
Episode 049
Show Details47min 46s
Episode 045 - Where's Eric?
Show Details35min 10s
Episode 044
Show Details47min 6s
Episode 043
Show Details37min 37s
Episode 042
Show Details37min 54s
Episode 041
Show Details37min 41s
Episode 40
Show Details41min 9s
Episode 039 - This one is raw!
Show Details38min 16s
Episode 038
Show Details34min 19s
Episode 037
Show Details32min 45s
Episode 036
Show Details36min 43s
Episode 035
Show Details34min 56s
Episode 034
Show Details34min 23s
Episode 033
Show Details45min 44s
Episode 032
Show Details37min 22s
Episode 031
Show Details35min 43s
Episode 030
Show Details47min 1s
Episode 029: Have You Ever Cut Your Balls?
Show Details31min 58s
Episode 028: It's Lebowski Week!
Show Details36min 5s
Episode 27
Show Details38min 37s
Episode 26
Show Details35min 5s
Episode 25: A Blast From The Past!
Show Details59min 19s
Episode 24: Have you heard of the Savannah Bananas?
Show Details35min 27s
Episode 023
Show Details36min 29s
Episode 022: Special Guest Jeff Cook
Show Details47min 29s
Episode 021
Show Details44min 41s
Episode 020
Show Details37min 15s
Episode 019: Got My Tight Pants On
Show Details36min 50s
Episode 018
Show Details38min 13s
Episode 017
Show Details38min 33s
Episode 016
Show Details41min 27s
Episode 015
Show Details37min 10s
Episode 014
Show Details37min 33s
Episode 013
Show Details39min 26s
Episode 012
Show Details35min 43s
Episode 11: The Sex Life Challenge - It's a TV Show Don't Freak
Show Details37min 52s
Episode 010: A Very Merry Christmas
Show Details40min 20s
Episode 009: How Many Gumballs Are Too Many?
Show Details42min 15s
Episode 008: Where In The World Is Eric?
Show Details31min 7s
Episode 007: Tiger King and Coffee Mugs
Show Details35min 19s
Episode 006: Thanksgiving Special
Show Details33min 15s
Episode 005
Show Details36min 1s
Episode 004: Special Guest Chief Brenneman (Ret.)
Show Details33min 13s
Episode 003: Scary Stories From Halloween
Show Details33min 13s
002: The Carl Boots
Show Details32min 5s
Episode 001 - An Introduction
Show Details30min 35s