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Viewer's Cut with Diane & Idrees

Listen to us discuss and rate current and past movies, TV shows, and anime! We will review, recap, give some hot takes and point out plot holes and things we like/dislike.


Ep. 8 - The Witcher season 2 Review
Show Details55min 14s
Ep . 7 - Spiderman No Way Home
Show Details51min 50s
Ep. 6 - King Richard - Did Lavar Ball follow the same path?
Show Details34min 45s
Ep. 5 - What to watch after Squid Game? Recommendations + Upcoming Movies
Show Details31min 49s
Ep. 4 - Eternals and You season 3 Review
Show Details56min 47s
Ep. 3 - Dune & Upcoming Movies
Show Details42min 59s
Ep. 2 - Midnight Mass, Squid Game, Venom: Let There Be Carnage
Show Details57min 8s
Ep. 1 - Invincible Season 1 Recap
Show Details45min 46s
Viewer's Cut Introduction - Ep. 0
Show Details25s