Vibe Student Ministry

Vibe Student Ministry is the student ministry of Destin United Methodist Church in Destin, FL. Our ministry serves students in grades 6-12, and challenges them to Reach Up to God, Reach Out to others, and Reach In to themselves. This podcast is a culmination of our Wednesday Night sermons.


ADVENT-- Unsuspected Savior-- Nathan Sell
Show Details48min 33s
DANCING IN THE STORM-- "Okay, Boomer"-- Nathan Sell
Show Details46min 26s
DANCING IN THE STORM-- Faith in the Midst of Suffering-- Nathan Sell
Show Details40min 12s
COUNTING THE COST-- Jesus Ain't No Sidechick-- Nathan Sell
Show Details57min 35s
COUNTING THE COST-- The Ultimate Test-- Nathan Sell
Show Details52min 48s
COUNTING THE COST-- The True Cost of Being a Disciple-- Nathan Sell
Show Details42min 47s
MARKED- Armed and Dangerous- Caroline Hare
Show Details28min 26s
MARKED- You Are Enough- Nathan Sell
Show Details57min 20s
MARKED- The Victory Perspective- Nathan Sell
Show Details41min 35s
MARKED- The Goat and Goliath- Nathan Sell
Show Details43min 52s
UNCHAINED- Galatians 5 and 6- Caroline Hare
Show Details27min 40s
UNCHAINED-Galatians 4- Pastor Barry Carpenter
Show Details45min 54s
UNCHAINED- Galatians 3- Nathan Sell
Show Details37min 29s