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Vibes With Xander

If you’re reading this, welcome to my podcast. More like my podcast description, since you have taken your time to click on this, and have read up till this point this is the best time to let you know that i don’t have a perfect description for you, all i can promise you is vibes, vibes and more vibes Bi-weekly. Trust me, you will have the time of your life listening to our take on life matters. sha, support and subscribe, share with friends and families thanks and GOD bless.

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Commitment issues and Temptations
Show Details58min
The lll Mind Of Xander
Show Details20min 41s
Men’s mental health matters
Show Details34min 38s
Show Details39min 13s
Pride Is The Devil
Show Details14min 1s
Guy code 101
Show Details27min 18s
The “African Parenting” Episode
Show Details25min 30s
Superstition superstition
Show Details23min 15s
I’m not your friend, stop that.
Show Details26min 30s
Valentine’s special
Show Details48min 40s
I dey owe you, chillax.
Show Details39min 23s
Safe space for cheaters
Show Details28min 25s
What do you think when people look at you ?
Show Details26min 36s
Vibes With Xander (Trailer)
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