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Join Jono, Joe and Jase as they discuss games, life and everything in-between. This regular podcast covers a wide range of topics from video games, movies, pop culture and friendship. Come and be part of the Versus Player family and don't forget to visit us at or drop us a line via email at where we read out your questions on the show.


94: Everything is Doom, Except When it Isn't
Show Details1hr 8min
93: Multiversus Player
Show Details1hr 11min
92: Too Many Batmen
Show Details1hr 15min
91: Elden Things
Show Details40min 5s
90: Gimme Back My Pokemon Cards Billy
Show Details48min 46s
89: GOTY 2021
Show Details1hr 14min
88: Finish The Fight
Show Details1hr 2min
87: Backseat Gaming
Show Details44min 43s
86: How You Doin'?
Show Details28min 8s
85: Lockdown
Show Details42min 59s
MCU: Loki
Show Details36min 38s
84: E3 2021
Show Details57min 29s
83: If You Can Dodge a Wrench
Show Details48min 28s
82: Live From Studio B
Show Details1hr 11min
81: Fare Thee Well Verdansk
Show Details58min 27s
80: It’s a Virtue
Show Details30min 38s
79: All About That Bass
Show Details49min 12s
78: Fortnite…Finally
Show Details49min 48s
77: Death by Banana
Show Details38min 37s
76: GOTY 2020
Show Details1hr 12min
75: Go Back to Sleep Samurai
Show Details49min 44s
74: Happy Birthday Jono
Show Details43min 3s
73: jBay
Show Details19min 8s
72: Devil May Cry Farming Simulator
Show Details27min 7s
71: Next Gen Butts
Show Details36min 37s
70: Console Launch Titles
Show Details47min 41s
69: Dudes!
Show Details44min 51s
68: Backsies
Show Details39min 6s
67: Battlejose
Show Details29min 5s
66: Xbox Zero
Show Details39min 44s
65: The Best Thing About Dying
Show Details43min 41s
64: X Not Gon’ Give It To Ya
Show Details45min 53s
Patreon Bonus: A Game of Jose
Show Details41min 16s
63: Ubisoft Backward
Show Details1hr 21min
62: Podcast One Series XS
Show Details52min 48s
61: BAP! BAP! BAP!
Show Details32min 18s
60: I’m Batman?
Show Details40min 41s
59: Life Simulator
Show Details35min 2s
58: Death Guys
Show Details36min 23s
57: Have a Break
Show Details40min 41s
56: Beefy Beard
Show Details34min 57s
55: The PS5 of Us
Show Details1hr 32min
54: Aim Down Sights
Show Details34min 39s
53: Xbox Series Spooky
Show Details41min 32s
52: Doom Crossing
Show Details23min 33s
51: Covidcast
Show Details19min 17s
50: The Big Five-Oh!
Show Details1hr 17min
49: Thalassophobia
Show Details1hr 6min
48: Untitled Podcast
Show Details31min 5s
SpoilerCast: Skywalker, Mando and Fallen Order
Show Details39min 24s
47: Endgame
Show Details1hr 33min
46: Catching Up on 2019
Show Details1hr 19min
45: GOTY 2018
Show Details2hr 5min
SpoilerCast: Red Dead Redemption II
Show Details50min 39s
44: Matt Makes Games
Show Details1hr 8min
43: Stan Lee’s True Believers
Show Details1hr 6min
42: Ring Dang Doo
Show Details1hr 3min
Slay Together: Big Bad Behemoth
Show Details49min 45s
41: Spider-Fans
Show Details1hr 20min
40: Into the Switch
Show Details1hr 5min
39: Aquatic
Show Details1hr 6min
38: Sorry Fergus
Show Details59min 55s
37: E3 2018 Podcast Extravaganza
Show Details1hr 38min
36: E3 2018 Predictions
Show Details1hr 29min
35: Boy Oh Boy!
Show Details1hr 15min
34: Far Out
Show Details52min 59s
33: Super Blood Thieves
Show Details1hr 5min
Box Blurb: Be the Brand
Show Details18min 10s
Slay Together: Hot Tempered
Show Details39min 16s
32: Return of the Jono
Show Details42min 3s
Box Blurb: For your Safety
Show Details20min 15s
Slay Together: Those That Slay Together, Stay together
Show Details41min 44s
31: The Industry Pass
Show Details39min 42s
30: GOTY 2017 and You
Show Details3hr
29: Joe Doesn’t Watch Trailers
Show Details35min 25s
SpoilerCast: The Last Jedi
Show Details1hr 6min
28: Also There Are Bandits
Show Details1hr 7min
Box Blurb: Episode 4
Show Details15min 58s
27: What’s a Wolfenstein
Show Details42min 37s
Game of a Year: 1981 To 1986
Show Details31min 48s
26: In the Valley
Show Details32min 35s
Box Blurb: Episode 3
Show Details34min 7s
25: Hippos
Show Details56min 11s
Box Blurb: Episode 2
Show Details36min 11s
24: Guess Who’s Back
Show Details1hr 6min
Box Blurb: Episode 1
Show Details36min 32s
23: Bubbles
Show Details1hr 2min
22: Blueberry Danish Ft. Box Blurb
Show Details1hr 42min
21: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Divides Us
Show Details2hr 12min
20: E3 2017 Needed More Alex Hunter
Show Details1hr 38min
19: Like a Star Wars Supanova
Show Details45min 22s
18: The Inevitable Halo Special
Show Details2hr 29min
17: Gosling
Show Details1hr 19min
16: The Rope
Show Details1hr 34min
15: Star Bores
Show Details1hr 22min
14: Old is New
Show Details1hr 5min
13: Joe’s Sacrifice
Show Details1hr 12min
12: Zelda Vs. Horizon
Show Details1hr 27min
11: Ghost Recon and Halo Wars 2 Miss the Mark
Show Details1hr 23min
10: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
Show Details1hr 35min
9: IGN Select Awards and RTX Weekend
Show Details53min 14s
8: No Thank you RE7 and GG Good Game
Show Details1hr 28min
7: Nintendo Switch it Up
Show Details1hr 38min
6: And a Happy New Year
Show Details1hr 31min
5: GOTY Roundup, Ya Filthy Animal
Show Details2hr 26min
4: Game Awards 2016
Show Details1hr 32min
3: Mario Isn’t Even That Good
Show Details1hr 41min
SpoilerCast: Dr. Strange
Show Details14min 52s
2: The Joys of Headshots
Show Details1hr 19min
1: No Cooperation
Show Details1hr 25min