• VREP #429 | Financing & Investing in the USA as a Canadian

    Last week, we covered buying properties in the USA as Canadians. This week is all about financing and investing in the USA.

    Alain Forget and Hatim Tichout, RBC Cross Border Banking & U.S. Home Equity Financing, join Matt & Adam to discuss opportunities for investment, emerging US Markets, navigating market dynamics, and how Canadians can best secure financing.

    How can you get a mortgage in the U.S. without a credit score? What are the driving forces behind increased US real estate demand? What are the rising trends for snowbirds and vacationers? And how can you start earning USD today? Let's go!

    E429 - 55m - Jul 12, 2024
  • VREP #428 | Buying Property in the USA as a Canadian with Former Canuck Goaltender Eddie Lack

    When buying in the US, the puck stops here. Former Canuck Goaltender turned Scottsdale Luxury Realtor Eddie Lack helps a lot of Canadians buy real estate in Arizona. And when we say a lot, we mean it: 80% of his clients are from Canada! Eddie sits down this week with Adam & Matt to detail the buying process in the US & why so many Canadians are choosing Scottsdale & surrounding areas. Eddie talks how to net the best deals, block the bad advice, and has you covered whether you want to buy one place or a two pad stack. Ok, enough puns. But, seriously, as a realtor, Eddie is a keeper. This is one post you will want to hit (subscribe, that is).

    E428 - 38m - Jul 5, 2024
  • VREP #427 | Real Estate from North Vancouver to the Sunbelt with Taylor Steele

    All real estate is local but all opportunity is not. And today’s guest knows this better than most. Taylor Steele from Integrated-integrities sits down with Adam & Matt to discuss opportunities in a down market, from the future of the North Shore to multifamily in the US to ultra passive ways to add real estate to your portfolio. Where are the buying opportunities right now not to be missed? How can you benefit from this down market with little energy? And which markets have long & lucrative runways. Tune in to find out!

    E427 - 52m - Jun 28, 2024
  • VREP #426 | Financial Freedom Through Real Estate Investing with Clint Murphy

    Do you have a 10 year plan? How about just a plan? If you don't, you are in the majority and don't worry - our guest today can help you set and achieve your goals and you can start right now.

    Clint Murphy, real estate developer, real estate investor, CFO, and prolific finance influencer, sits down with Matt & Adam in Kokomo Studios to unpack his inspirational story, rise to financial freedom, and recent career change in his 40s to do what he wants when he wants! And you can learn from all of it!

    Tune in for an episode chalked full of wisdom and takeaways and get a jump on leaving the rat race early. 

    E426 - 1h 18m - Jun 21, 2024
  • VREP #425 | A Ground Up Story of Real Estate Development with Sunny Dhillon

    Someone said, "if opportunity doesn't knock, build a door" and this sums up the story of Sunny Dhillon. From getting his real estate license in the early 2000s, to becoming a deal finder, and to eventually developing himself, Sunny saw the writing on the wall for our city and took action.

    Now the CEO of Dimex Group, with projects throughout the Lower Mainland, he sits down with Matt & Adam to tell his story, chalked full of business building and market insight.

    This is an episode on spotting real estate opportunities and capitalizing on them. Listen up!

    E425 - 55m - Jun 15, 2024
  • VREP #424 | West Coast Design Trends with Maxime Zentner

    Sometimes you walk into a space and just feel good and you're not sure why. But it's not an accident and, more than anything, that feeling is the result of a design team making painstaking decision after decision - and trust us, God is in the details. But what makes good design and what decisions should be paramount when buying, selling or renovating?

    This week, Maxime Zentner, Vice President of Product Development & Interior Design at Marcon, joins Matt & Adam at Kokomo Studios for an enlightening conversation about all things design, from the trends set to pop to the soon-to-be obsolete. Not to be missed!

    E424 - 1h 1m - Jun 7, 2024
  • VREP #423 | The West Side Reimagined with Barrett Sprowson

    We talk a lot about opportunities and revitalization, but it's not typically in tony neighbourhoods with some of the most expensive postal codes in the country.

    This week, Barrett Sprowson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Peterson Group, sits down with Matt & Adam to share a long term vision of Vancouver's west side - one characterized by vibrant density, a "new downtown", luxury retailers, best-in-class dining, and new parks and community centres.

    Has the eastside wave potentially crested? Is now the time to go against the grain? And what does all this new density mean for Vancouver? The west side is about to get a shot of adrenaline in its arse and the Lower Mainland is not ready for it.

    All this plus Barrett's best picks for opportunities in the region. Giddy up!

    E423 - 1h 18m - May 31, 2024
  • VREP #422 | Pivotal Market Trends for Vancouver Real Estate with Daryl Simpson

    Back by popular demand, this week's guest is Daryl Simpson, President of Townline.

    Daryl has worked in the development industry in the Lower Mainland since 1993, building towers and communities from initial concept to completion with some of Canada's top development companies. This week, Daryl sits down with Matt & Adam for a candid conversation about the current state of the market, new construction and presales, and how the balance of 2024 will unfold in terms of inflation, interest rates and home prices. You might be surprised!

    Bonus: where does Daryl see the opportunities in the Lower Mainland. This is a master class. Listen up!

    E422 - 1h 6m - May 24, 2024
  • VREP #421 | Vancouver Commercial Lending Landscape with Alan Haigh

    Rates are sky high and qualifying for a mortgage is as challenging as ever. But does this inevitably mean a market slowdown?

    In the commercial market, it depends. Impact Commercial's Founding Partner, Alan Haigh, joins Matt & Adam this week to discuss the commercial lending landscape in Sping 2024 and - spoiler alert - it's not easy out there. How do commercial mortgages differ from residential mortgages? Which commercial asset classes are still strong? And where are the opportunities?

    Listen up and level up. 

    E421 - 49m - May 17, 2024
  • VREP #420 | The Radical Transformation of Metro Vancouver with Manveer Taggar

    We are watching it like a movie in fast forward: the death of the single family home; blanket upzoning for towers near skytrain stations; four to six units on a single family lot; municipalities forced to comply with density by the summer. But how do we make sense of it all and, better still, act on it? 

    Manveer Taggar, Partner at Common Ground Consulting, joins Matt & Adam at Kokomo Studios with market insights from his unique vantage point as a Civil Engineer and consultant on major development projects from feasibility studies, to rezoning and development applications, project management, and council strategy/representation.

    How quickly does Metro Vancouver transform? Where are the opportunities? And what will be the pain points moving forward? Not to be missed!

    E420 - 1h 3m - May 10, 2024
  • VREP #419 | Inventory Spikes alongside Tax Increases with Kevin Skipworth

    Inventory has reached its highest level since the pandemic Summer of 2020 amidst news of changing capital gain taxes and residential tenancy rules. Is this enough to keep the market balanced with the potential of rate cuts this Summer?

    Kevin Skipworth, Owner and Managing Broker at Dexter Realty, sits down with Matt & Adam in Kokomo Studios to discuss how these factors are playing out on the ground and what this means for real estate in the Lower Mainland at large.

    Will inventory levels continue to rise? Is buyer demand coming back? And where does Kevin see the opportunities? It’s time to level up! 

    E419 - 58m - May 3, 2024
  • VREP #418 | Critical Insights into Vancouver Real Estate with Ben Smith

    Ben Smith has been involved in Vancouver real estate in one capacity or another for decades. He previously has worked with some of the region’s major developers & more recently went national to become the President of Avesdo. To say he has a unique vantage point on both regional & national real estate trends is an understatement.

    Ben sits down with Adam & Matt to discuss the state of our housing market. What are some of the most interesting buying & building trends he is seeing in Metro Vancouver? Why has Vancouver fared better than Toronto since interest rates began to soar? And where are the best opportunities right now for the most discerning of buyers?

    This one is chock full of insight. Listen up!

    E418 - 1h 6m - Apr 26, 2024
  • VREP #417 | BC Residential Tenancy Changes with David Hutniak

    On April 2nd, 2024, the BC NDP announced amendments to the Residential Tenancy Act intending to protect tenants from evictions, lengthy rental disputes & rent increases when a minor is added to a household. But all new policy results in unintended consequences & in this case the consequences are far reaching.

    LandlordBC CEO David Hutniak sits down this week with Adam & Matt to go over the policy changes in detail and spell out some of the major implications. What exactly is the provincial government proposing? How will it impact you as a tenant or a landlord? And how will this create new winners & losers in the Vancouver real estate market.

    These changes are bigger than you think. Listen up!

    E417 - 39m - Apr 19, 2024
  • VREP #416 | Market Outlook & Intelligence for 2024 with Moody's Brendan LaCerda

    Moody's Analytics provides financial intelligence and analytical tools to help business leaders make better financial decisions. So what does Director and Senior Economist, Brendan LaCerda, think about the current state of Canada's economy and its housing market? His answers might surprise you!

    Brendan sits down with Matt & Adam to offer a comprehensive overview of the Canadian economy - and of course we cover the real estate markets too! What are the major economic risks that Canada is facing? Are there signs for optimism? Which provinces will reign supreme in 2024? And which three cities will see the most price appreciation in the next 5 years?

    Don't miss this discussion with one of the most trusted providers of global economic analysis, data, forecasts, models and advisory services. Level up!

    E416 - 49m - Apr 12, 2024
  • VREP #415 | The Best City in Canada to Invest in 2024? With Calvin Hexter

    The late, great Frank O’Brien compiled a list every year of his top 5 Canadian cities for real estate investment. His winner in 2024? Edmonton, Alberta!

    Investment Realtor Calvin Hexter sits down with Matt & Adam to discuss his hometown market & current Edmonton real estate trends every savvy investor should know. Is the immigration boom set to drive Edmonton prices higher? Which neighborhoods are rents growing fastest? And what creative ways is Calvin using to help opportunistic investors buy cash flowing investment properties today?

    This is one for anyone looking for diversification & cash flow on day one. Grab your notepad!

    E415 - 1h 4m - Apr 5, 2024
  • VREP #414 | Change Creates Opportunity & Real Estate is About to Change with Ross McCredie

    Few people understand the real estate landscape in British Columbia like our guest today. Ross McCredie was the founder of Sotheby’s International Realty Canada, a pivotal figure in Dapper Labs (blockchain technology), and the new owner of Sutton Group, a strategic purchase that seeks to redefine the Canadian real estate landscape.

    In this episode, we discuss the motivation behind Ross' acquisition of Sutton Group, the greater need for integrating advanced technologies into managing real estate investments and the buying and selling process, and how Canadians can navigate recent real estate announcements such as the US NAR lawsuit, flipping tax, the extension of the foreign buyer ban, and increasing interest rates.

    How will real estate change in the near future? How will this impact buying, selling, and wealth management? And where does Ross, a seasoned investor, see the opportunities in the Lower Mainland and the province? This is a masterclass.

    E414 - 1h 7m - Mar 29, 2024
  • VREP #413 | How to Get Your Property Sold for Top Dollar in 2024

    Listing your property this year? There are tried and true ways to sell your home quickly & for top dollar in any market. But the strategy has to fit the market & not the other way around.

    Adam & Matt sit down this week to discuss the Spring 2024 real estate market in Metro Vancouver from the perspective of the seller and a couple strategic agents. What market specifics should determine your pricing strategy? Why is doubling down on local expertise so important? And what low-hanging fruit will lead to a higher sale price and the best possible ROI? Just in time for Spring. Buckle up.

    E413 - 48m - Mar 22, 2024
  • VREP #412 | The State of the Vancouver Real Estate Market & the Rise of the Townhouse with Richard Wittstock

    Anxious about the Vancouver real estate market in 2024? Co-Founder and CEO of Domus Homes, Richard Wittstock, isn't and chances are that he's seen more market cycles than you! In fact, in his 30+ year career, Richard has learned one thing over and over again: Don't bet against the Vancouver real estate market.

    Richard joins Matt & Adam this week in-studio for a wide-ranging conversation about the past 5 years in Vancouver real estate, the current state of the market, and his purposeful approach to building missing middle homes.

    How's the market? Where does Richard see opportunities? And what product type is quickly replacing single-family detached. This is a master class on Vancouver real estate. Listen up.

    E412 - 1h 3m - Mar 15, 2024
  • VREP #411 | A How-to Guide for Navigating the 2024 Mortgage Market with Alex Mcfadyen

    Let’s face it - navigating the last few years of interest rate hikes in the mortgage market has not been easy. But, as the Bank of Canada gets inflation under control, and we start to see real opportunities in the real estate market, it’s time to strategize around financing and consider the top tips for finding the right mortgage in 2024.

    This week, Alex McFadyan, owner of Flow Mortgage Co, joins Matt & Adam to discuss his top financing tips for investors, strategies that will save you money, and the property type and location where he is seeing huge opportunity right now.

    How’s the mortgage market? What are key obstacles for investors? And what common mistakes do borrowers make? All this and so much more on today’s episode.

    E411 - 1h 3m - Mar 8, 2024
  • VREP #410 | Where Smart Money is Investing In Canadian Real Estate in 2024 with Kathy Black

    Fiera Real Estate is a leading investment management company in North America and Europe with almost $10 billion in assets under management. This week, Head of Real Estate Development for Fiera Real Estate (Canada), Kathy Black, sits down with Matt & Adam to discuss Canadian real estate market trends in 2024, which markets offer huge opportunities, price and rent projections in Vancouver, smart money strategies, and the essential components for what makes a good deal. Kathy is an absolute force of nature and the takeaways are abound! Level up before Spring springs & tune in.

    E410 - 1h 5m - Mar 1, 2024
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