• VREP# 408 | Vancouver Multiplex Zoning & B.C.'s Push for Density with Tara Gronlund

    We are in a new era of density. Not only does this mean the death of the single family home in Vancouver & across many BC municipalities but it also means opportunities for homeowners, builders & savvy real estate investors. But the devil is in the details.

    Architect Tara Gronlund sits down with Adam & Matt this week to unpack R1-1 zoning changes in Vancouver & the transformative legislation coming to the rest of the province by June 30th. This is Vancouver multiplex zoning 101 - get your notepad!

    55m | Feb 16, 2024
  • VREP #407 | The Next Land Rush? Historic Zoning Changes Coming to B.C. with Prof. Tom Davidoff

    Did the province just incite the next land rush? Municipalities have until June 30th to revamp single family zoned real estate across the province. Density is coming. But what does that mean for land values? And did we just witness the death of the single family home?

    Associate Professor Tom Davidoff sits down with Matt & Adam to discuss landmark changes to housing in the Lower Mainland and the province, and whether new policies will move the needle on affordability.

    Also, what are Tom's thoughts on the state of the market, interest rates and inflation, and where prices are heading in 2024? All this and more in this action-packed VREP master class.  

    54m | Feb 9, 2024
  • VREP #406 | Vancouver Presale Market Outlook 2024 with MLA Canada’s Cameron McNeill & Ryan Lalonde

    The MLA Intel Report is hot off the press and is packed full of key takeaways about the presale market in Vancouver in 2023 and projections for 2024. Executive Directors, Cameron McNeill & Ryan Lalonde, from MLA Canada sit down with Matt & Adam in Kokomo Studios to discuss the year it was and offer data and key insights for the year to come. How’s the presale market? What are the best strategies to find a deal? Which sub-markets should you bet on this year? And will we see prices jump in 2024? This episode is a master class on understanding real estate markets and what make them tick, tick, tick… and boom!

    1h 39m | Feb 2, 2024
  • VREP #405 | Should I Invest in Vancouver Real Estate Now?

    Should YOU invest in Vancouver real estate right now? This week, Matt and Adam unpack the Vancouver investment thesis and explain the market conditions that make Vancouver an exceptional city for real estate investors. What's driving demand? What makes increasing supply so challenging? And what do past market cycles tell us about the future? Bonus: what have been the best investment areas over the past decade and where are the opportunities for investors right now? All this and some filler on today's great episode! 

    53m | Jan 26, 2024
  • VREP #404 | Vancouver Real Estate Predictions 2024 with Brendon Ogmundson

    We are just weeks out from the slowest year in British Columbia real estate in more than a decade. So long, 2023! Now all eyes turn to the year at hand: what exactly will happen in 2024? You want answers? We got answers!

    BCREA Chief Economist Bredon Ogmundson sits down with Adam & Matt to not only detail his Vancouver real estate predictions for 2024 but also his take on the future of the BC economy, unemployment, inflation & interest rates over the coming year.

    Do inventory levels rise alongside 2024 mortgage renewals? Do interest rate reductions lead to a big rebound in demand? And which markets does the BCREA Chief Economist bet on for 2024 appreciation? There is a reason Brendon has become our go-to guest at the start of any year. Tune in to find out why! 

    1h 15m | Jan 19, 2024
  • VREP #403 | Achieving Your Real Estate Goals in 2024

    Will you achieve your real estate goals in 2024? Bad news: the vast majority of you won't and it will have less to do with your goals and more to do with your daily real estate routines.

    This week, Matt & Adam discuss the top 5 daily habits that take real estate investors from good to great. This episode covers how to fully understand a market, how to evaluate and find the best opportunities, and why your network is ultimately your net worth.

    Did we mention that this only takes about 15 minutes per day? Tune in for your 2024 game plan for success in any real estate market. This is your year.  

    58m | Jan 12, 2024
  • VREP #402 | Alex McFadyen on Mindset Mastery, Turning Failure into Success & Crushing Your Real Estate Goals in 2024

    It’s 2024 and let’s face it - there are concerns about the state of the market, the economy, and, well, the world. But in times of uncertainty, you can move to the sidelines and cautiously wait it out, or you can take control and find the opportunities that exist in every market.

    This week, top mortgage broker, prolific content creator, and real estate investor, Alex McFadyen sits down with Matt & Adam to unpack his take on mindset mastery, unwavering persistence, and turning losses into wins. Alex shares his best strategies for setting realistic yet ambitious goals that translate to business, life and real estate.

    This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to succeed in the dynamic world of real estate today.

    1h 13m | Jan 5, 2024
  • VREP #401 | Mortgage Pain & the Canadian Lending Landscape with Andy Hill

    Canada's mortgage market this past year faced high interest rates, a stress test that crippled buyer affordability, and new mortgage rules that further impacted financing options and credit lines for Canadians. It was not a great year for finding money and a stressful one for mortgage brokers and banks. This week, Andy Hill from RateFilter.ca sits down with Matt & Adam to discuss this year from his unique position on the frontlines, navigating this complicated moment in mortgages. How hard is it now for home buyer’s to qualify? Are delinquency rates on the rise? And what will happen to interest rates & the Vancouver real estate market? This is an episode from the trenches. Listen up!

    56m | Dec 15, 2023
  • VREP #400 | Canadian Real Estate is Being Disrupted - And You Won't Believe What's Next! With Jeff King & Trevor Koot

    Real estate is being disrupted... and it's happening faster than you think! This week for our 400th episode, Jeff King, CEO of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, and Trevor Koot, CEO of the British Columbia Real Estate Association, join Matt & Adam in studio to discuss the future of real estate in BC with new technology/digital platforms, the rise of big data, AI and machine learning, block chain and smart contracts, and regulatory changes that will transform the way we do business.

    How will big tech revolutionize the real estate industry? Which companies will win the day? And will Matt & Adam be driving Ubers in 2024? All this and more in VREP's 400th episode!

    1h 36m | Dec 8, 2023
  • VREP #399 | Vancouver Artificial Intelligence & Real Estate with Andrew Armstrong

    Artificial Intelligence is quickly transforming all industries & Vancouver real estate is no exception. But we are still early days. Co-Founder of the Real View, Andrew Armstrong, joins Adam & Matt this week to discuss AI & a Vancouver real estate landscape brimming with opportunity.

    What is AI & how is it evolving? How will AI transform the buying & selling process in Vancouver? What are its practical applications today? And is true disruption of real estate just around the corner? Tune in this week for our most sci-fi episode to date.

    This description brought to you by ChatGPT!

    59m | Dec 1, 2023
  • VREP #398 | The Evolution of the Vancouver Real Estate Market with Townline's CEO Rick Ilich

    When Rick Ilich started Townline in 1980, interest rates in Canada were cresting at almost 15%, inflation was on the rise, and by the end of the following year, rates peaked at over 20%. The 1980s real estate market in Vancouver was marked by volatility and an eventual market crash (and if you are a boomer or have a boomer parent, you already know this tale). So how did a new development company like Townline survive and what are some lessons for today's market?

    This week, Townline CEO, Rick Ilich, sits down with Matt & Adam to discuss his story, from West Coast surfer still 'on the tools' to leading a large-scale development company that builds everything from single-family homes to concrete high-rise towers and mixed-use communities. What are Rick's thoughts on the market? What are policy-makers getting right and getting wrong? How can we improve as an industry? And where does Rick see opportunity in today's market? This is an inspiring episode from a respected leader in the residential, commercial and mixed-use development industry in BC. Listen up! 

    1h 1m | Nov 24, 2023
  • VREP #397 | Vancouver Real Estate Trends for 2024 with Wesgroup's President Beau Jarvis

    Wesgroup's President, Beau Jarvis, is BACK and trust us: this one’s a real estate master class! Wesgroup is one of Western Canada’s largest, and most respected, private real estate companies, with 49 active construction projects, 1,749 residential units under construction, 800+ sub-trades on job sites daily, and almost 7000 residential strata units in the permitting process.  

    Beau sits down with Matt & Adam for a comprehensive discussion about the current state and future projections of Vancouver’s real estate market. What are the long-term effects of the current market slowdown? Which sub-market is a dream opportunity for real estate investors? And how will the market perform for the balance of 2023 and 2024?

    These are uncertain times but Beau’s insights provide a sobering perspective of our unique market and what’s to come. Not to be missed!

    1h 11m | Nov 17, 2023
  • VREP #396 | 2024 Vancouver Real Estate Forecast with Andrew Lis

    Predicting the future of Vancouver's real estate market has never been more challenging. From the unprecedented Covid Boom to unexpected suburban price surges to the series of interest rate hikes, the landscape has been turbulent.

    But the question on everyone's mind is: What's next for Vancouver housing in 2024? The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver’s Director of Economics & Data Analytics Andrew Lis sits down with Adam & Matt this week to provide a compelling forecast. We dissect the past and present to forecast Vancouver's real estate trajectory.

    This episode is not just about the trends — it's about understanding the key metrics that will drive the market in 2024. Don't miss Andrew Lis's expert analysis, where he unravels the complexities of the market and reveals the crucial indicators every investor, buyer, and seller should watch. Get ahead of the curve!.

    1h 48m | Nov 10, 2023
  • VREP #395 | East Vancouver Real Estate with Jordan MacDonald

    To successfully invest in real estate you need to have a strong why. Without it you won’t get far and the first fumble is betting on the wrong neighborhood. That’s why understanding the nuances of every market is key and today’s guest has built a portfolio on just that.

    Fabric Living CEO Jordan MacDonald sits down with Adam & Matt to unpack East Vancouver real estate: how he understands the various neighborhood markets, what gets him excited about a deal & why Fabric Living doubles down on emerging markets with deep community roots & tremendous growth potential. All real estate is local & today’s episode is a masterclass on recognizing micro trends that shape larger markets. 

    1h 13m | Nov 3, 2023
  • VREP #394 | Bank of Canada's Interest Rate Pause & Its Impact on Vancouver Real Estate with Dustan Woodhouse

    Hear from the man who called the explosive growth in Vancouver real estate prices more than a decade ago! Mortgage Architects President Dustan Woodhouse sits down with Adam & Matt to break down the Bank of Canada's latest rate decision and its impact on mortgages and the housing market. Get expert insights on navigating the current real estate challenges, strategies for higher interest rates, and predictions for Vancouver's property future. Will the 2020 gains in real estate prices be similar to the 2010s? This is essential listening for understanding Canadian real estate trends and investment opportunities in today's economic climate. Listen up!

    1h 22m | Oct 27, 2023
  • VREP #393 | Navigating Vancouver’s Fall Market with Jason Turcotte

    Is this the time to be bold? How are industry leaders engaging these current market conditions? In this riveting episode, we delve into the Fall market's unique dynamics with sky high interest rates and inventory on the rise.

    This week, Jason Turcotte, President of Darwin Properties, sits down with Matt & Adam to shed light on how the pros are navigating the current market conditions. Is a buyer’s market here to stay? Tune in for an inside look at Vancouver’s ever-changing real estate landscape. Don't miss it!

    1h 6m | Oct 20, 2023
  • VREP #392 | Vancouver's Global Stature and Future with Larry Beasley

    Larry Beasley is back! Esteemed Urban Planner, Larry Beasley, who has made significant contributions to urban planning on a global scale, and previously served as the Co-Director of City Planning for Vancouver, sits down with Adam and Matt for the first time since the pandemic. How has the perception of Vancouver changed in the global conversation over the last few years? Is Vancouver still a leader in city planning? And what are the biggest challenges facing our city and region moving forward? With his vast experience as an urban planner, Larry not only reflects on Vancouver's past but also envisions its future as a global city. Listen up!

    1h 6m | Oct 13, 2023
  • VREP #391 | The Central & South Okanagan Real Estate Markets in 2023 & Beyond with Mission Group’s Jon Friesen

    What’s happening with the Kelowna real estate market? In this special in studio episode, Matt & Adam sit down with Kelowna developer Jon Friesen, CEO of Mission Group, to discuss everything real estate from Kelowna's most iconic waterfront projects and upscale urban condos, to Jon’s insider perspective on the future of the city, the threat of wildfires, and the resiliency of the region. Is now a great time to buy Okanagan real estate? This is a masterclass on the Napa of the North!

    Here is a SECURE LINK to donate to Jayden Lee's 100 Mile run for BC Children's Hospital. 

    1h 7m | Oct 6, 2023
  • VREP #390 | The Vancouver Housing Market & the Canadian Economy with Doug Porter

    Is the prospect of Canada’s economic “soft landing” becoming increasingly wishful thinking? And what does a potentially rocky Canadian recession mean for the Vancouver housing market? This week, Bank of Montreal Chief Economist Doug Porter sits down with Matt & Cory for an up-to-the-minute talk on the challenges that the Canadian economy faces over the next calendar year. Are we in a much worse situation now than we thought only weeks ago? Do elevated interest rates stay higher for longer and crush the Canadian housing market? And what are the key metrics that Doug is watching to read the economic tea leaves? Listen up to one of Canada’s best & brightest!

    Here is a SECURE LINK to donate to Jayden Lee's 100 Mile run for BC Children's Hospital. 

    41m | Sep 29, 2023
  • VREP #389 | Checking In on the Economy, Interest Rates & the US and Canadian Housing Markets with Ali Wolf

    Looking for a concise overview of the economy and housing markets across North America? This week, Ali Wolf, Chief Economist at Zonda & Advisor to the White House (yes, that White House), sits down with Matt & Adam to discuss the US housing market, the Vancouver real estate market & Canadian real estate in general. Are we in a housing bubble? Why is new construction driving the US real estate market and can the same happen here? And where are the hot spots for Canadians investing South of the border? It's hard to cover North American real estate in under an hour, but we get pretty damn close. Listen up and get after it!

    Here is a SECURE LINK to donate to Jayden Lee's 100 Mile run for BC Children's Hospital. 

    51m | Sep 22, 2023
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