• VREP #389 | Checking In on the Economy, Interest Rates & the US and Canadian Housing Markets with Ali Wolf

    Looking for a concise overview of the economy and housing markets across North America? This week, Ali Wolf, Chief Economist at Zonda & Advisor to the White House (yes, that White House), sits down with Matt & Adam to discuss the US housing market, the Vancouver real estate market & Canadian real estate in general. Are we in a housing bubble? Why is new construction driving the US real estate market and can the same happen here? And where are the hot spots for Canadians investing South of the border? It's hard to cover North American real estate in under an hour, but we get pretty damn close. Listen up and get after it!

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    51m | Sep 22, 2023
  • VREP #388 | Long Term Investing in Vancouver Real Estate with Wesgroup Properties' Dean Johnson

    When it comes to real estate investing, we all know that time in the market is better than timing the market. No one knows this old adage better than Wesgroup Properties. Dean Johnson, Vice President of Development at Wesgroup, one of Western Canada's largest private developers, sits down with Matt & Adam to detail the company's proven approach to investing in Vancouver. We discuss the start of the Fall market, the ongoing impacts of interest rates and inflation, the top areas for investment in the Lower Mainland and the province, and the type of thinking required to make lasting moves in real estate. This is a master-class in investment strategy and community building, from the ground up. Get your notebook.

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    1h 12m | Sep 15, 2023
  • VREP #387 | Fall 2023 Market Outlook with Professor Murtaza Haider

    The Fall Market is two days old and already there is big news: a rate pause, new inventory, and a hanging verdict on where we go from here. This week, Murtaza Haider, Toronto Metropolitan University Professor & Financial Post Columnist, sits down with Matt & Adam to dig deep on all the burning questions top of mind. Does the Fall Market materialize? Will we see a rate cut in early 2024? And are real estate investors the only ones who can solve Canada’s housing crisis? This is an action packed episode that should come with a degree. Get your notebook!

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    39m | Sep 8, 2023
  • Revisiting VREP #354 | How to Crush Your Real Estate & Life Goals in 2023 with Clint Murphy

    Guests on our show have one thing in common: they have big goals and a clear roadmap for how to achieve them. And today’s episode will give you a roadmap for your own success! Day-to-day CFO & side hustle founder of The Growth Guide, Clint Murphy, sits down with Matt & Adam to think big and execute with the perfect action plan. How should you approach your goals? What separates a good goal plan from a bad one? And what simple strategies will lead to massive success? This is a masterclass in goal planning for 2023 from a guy who definitely walks the walk. Level up!

    1h 22m | Sep 1, 2023
  • VREP #386 | The Potential Nightmare Scenario for Vancouver Real Estate with Hani Lammam

    The summer saw two rate increases with the strong potential for a third right after Labour Day & it’s leaving everyone wondering: will this break the real estate market? Hani Lammam, Executive Vice President of Cressey Development Group, sits down with Adam & Matt to give his take and it is anything but shortsighted. How will relentless rate increases impact both residential & commercial real estate for years to come? Are we entering a prolonged period of price discovery for many asset classes? And will the residential market see a glut of new inventory this fall? All that and so much more on today’s episode. Level up!  

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    59m | Aug 25, 2023
  • VREP #385 | The Future of Master-Planned Communities with Century Group’s Sean Hodgins

    Master-Planned Communities are often conceived of as self-contained neighborhoods which ensure residents have little reason to leave. But they are not often built to be actual destinations for others. Unless, that is, there is a local farmer’s market & much celebrated brewery anchoring the community square.

    This week, President of Century Group, Sean Hodgins, sits down with Adam & Matt for a sprawling conversation about building large-scale communities that both respect a community’s existing identity & push towards a modern, more sustainable future. This is more than a development; it's a vibrant, interconnected community designed to celebrate life at every corner. Learn how real estate developments are changing and how this might change your outlook on the market. Let’s go!

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    1h 5m | Aug 18, 2023
  • VREP #384 | Simplifying your Canadian Real Estate Investment Portfolio with Tom Storey

    Tom Storey is a lot of things. He is the team lead at the Storey Group, a successful real estate team in downtown Toronto, co-host of the Tom Storey Show & an avid real estate investor. He is also a thoughtful real estate advisor.

    Today he sits down with Adam & Matt to discuss his straightforward investment philosophy, the state of the Toronto real estate market & similarities between Toronto & Vancouver real estate. What does a deal look like right now & where are the opportunities in Canada? Is now the time to buy Vancouver & Toronto? And what will the market do for the balance of 2023 & into 2024? Not to be missed!

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    55m | Aug 11, 2023
  • VREP #383 | Will Vancouver's Fall Real Estate Market Boom or Bust with Brendon Ogmundson

    The only thing with more heat than Wreck Beach right now is the speculation around what happens this fall in Vancouver Real Estate. After a surprisingly strong Spring - but also two recent dampening interest rate hikes - the outcome of the upcoming fall market is anyone's guess. But some people have much clearer crystal balls than others. BCREA Chief Economist Brendon Ogmundson sits down once again with Adam & Matt to reflect on the first half of the 2023 real estate market and more importantly what is to come after this Labour Day. Will more inventory come online & will buyers show up? Is a soft landing possible in both the economy & the real estate market? And which are the most durable submarkets in our province? This is an action packed hour with one of the best & brightest in the industry. Get your notebooks out!

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    1h 8m | Aug 4, 2023
  • VREP #382 | Mindset, Overcoming Adversity & Achieving Unimaginable Goals with Jayden Lee

    Jayden Lee is a fighter. He’s fought for financial independence, he’s fought for a career on his own terms, he’s fought cancer, and now he’s fighting for the kids at BC Children’s Hospital - and he needs our help.

    On October 6th at 3pm, Jayden will run 100 miles consecutively from BC Children’s Hospital to his home in Chilliwack in an effort to raise $150,000. This week, Jayden sits down with Matt and Adam to discuss his journey as a 24 year old cancer survivor, holder of a $2m + real estate portfolio, and philanthropist to the max.

    This one will wow you. Tune in and donate at https://secured.bcchf.ca/registrant/mobile/mobilePersonalPage.aspx?registrationID=5218646&langPref=en-CA&Referrer=direct%2fnone

    1h 3m | Jul 28, 2023
  • VREP #381 | Aragon’s Lenny Moy on Challenging Real Estate Conventions

    Aragon Properties is known for innovation, pushing boundaries, challenging established real estate models, and setting new design standards. And these are not exactly the qualities of every homebuilder in Vancouver, an industry often marked by imitation.

    This week, Lenny Moy, Founder and President of Aragon Properties Ltd., sits down with Matt & Adam to discuss his 30+ year career as a developer, overseeing day-to-day business operations and continuously asking two questions: What can we do differently? And what can we do better?

    Today’s episode is both a deep dive into Lenny’s career and thoughts on the market, but it’s also a refreshing look at how to understand markets, analyze deals, and the relationship between real estate and purpose. We’ve been doing this podcast a long time and Lenny’s commitment and approach is truly unique – and one we can all learn from. 

    58m | Jul 21, 2023
  • VREP #380 | Another BoC Rate Hike & A Summer Market Slowdown? With Kyle Green

    It's been a strong start to the Summer, but as the Bank of Canada stomps on the housing market with another quarter point increase, many are wondering if the Fall will falter. This week, veteran Mortgage Specialist and owner of The Green Mortgage Team, Kyle Green, sits down with Matt & Adam to discuss his unique take on the market, the overall economy in relation to the world of financing, his top market picks, and a cautionary tale for would-be airbnb investors. How will rates soften the market in Q3 and Q4? Kyle's market insights & so much more!

    1h 7m | Jul 14, 2023
  • VREP #379 | BC's Hottest Real Estate Market & How to Supercharge your Investment Strategy with Cory Wright

    Want to learn how to pick winning markets in under an hour? Many of you will know Cory Wright as Host of the Vancouver Commercial Real Estate Podcast, but Cory is so much more - Founder & Managing Director of William Wright Commercial Real Estate Services, BIV’s Top 40 Under 40 award recipient, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, avid real estate investor, and - most importantly - one of the best deal finders we’ve ever met.

    So this week, Cory joins Matt & Adam to hold a master class on how to choose markets, find and analyze the best deals, and implement advanced strategies that will supercharge your portfolio. The strategies in this episode apply to both residential and commercial real estate investing. Enjoy.

    1h 11m | Jul 7, 2023
  • VREP #378 | Will Canadian Real Estate Prices Drop in the Second Half of 2023? With Royal LePage President Phil Soper

    Market forecasting is hard but some analysts seem to consistently get it right. Meet Phil Soper, President and CEO of Royal LePage. Phil and his team have consistently put out regional and national market reports that provide useful analysis you can trust.

    This week, Phil sits down with Matt & Adam to discuss the current state of the market, interest rates, inventory, and what home prices will do in the last half of 2023 and beyond. Will the Bank of Canada rate increases stifle demand? How will record immigration numbers impact the housing market? And where does Phil see buying opportunities in British Columbia and the rest of Canada?

    This is a deep dive on Canadian real estate with an emphasis on the Vancouver market. Buckle up!

    1h 8m | Jun 30, 2023
  • VREP #377 | Real Estate Investing just Got Easier with Stephen Jagger

    What if we told you you could invest in major real estate projects across North America for as little as one dollar? Addy co-founder Stephen Jagger joins Adam & Matt to explain how Addy is changing the real estate investing landscape through its crowdfunding platform. Set up a profile, deposit anywhere between $1 to $2500 & start building your empire with a few mouse clicks. This is a new twist on the future of real estate - whether you are in the business of investing or the business of raising capital. Listen up!

    1h 11m | Jun 23, 2023
  • VREP #376 | Is Vancouver Real Estate about to see a Big Price Jump? with MLA Canada’s Ryan Lalonde & Cameron McNeill

    We are closing out the spring real estate market with surprising appreciation in prices throughout the Lower Mainland. But we may not have seen anything yet. MLA Canada’s President, Ryan Lalonde, and the Executive Director, Cameron McNeil, sit down once again with Adam & Matt to discuss the current state of the real estate market. And, as always, they have some bold predictions that will surprise even the most seasoned real-estate aficionados.

    How is the presale market & does it play an outsized role in shaping the market overall? Which presale markets are the best buy today? And which sub-market could soon be headed to $1600 per square foot? Hint: it’s not in the City of Vancouver! All that and a box of Lee’s Donuts on today’s riveting episode!

    1h 21m | Jun 16, 2023
  • VREP #375 | Neighborhoods at War with Karen Finnan & Cheryl Grant

    There is no debate: Vancouver has a housing crisis. But that does not mean that there is no debate when it comes to the next best next steps for our city & region. Karen Finnan & Cheryl Grant from the Kitsilano Coalition sit down with Adam & Matt this week to discuss the explosive new project approved at W 7th & Arbutus in Kitsilano. Who should be consulted when new construction gets approved? Does all housing in all locations make sense in our supply constrained region? And should the provincial government be able to override local voices & stifle opposition? The project at W 7th & Arbutus has become the third rail in our housing debate & will set the path for years to come. Listen up! 

    58m | Jun 9, 2023
  • VREP #374 | Taking your Real Estate Strategies from Good to Great with Daryl Simpson

    You may know our guest from his 2019 appearance on the show as the Executive Vice President of Bosa Properties. But a lot has changed for Daryl Simpson (& the market!) since then.

    With over 30 years of Vancouver real estate experience - from design, to construction, to marketing - there are few people who have Daryl’s understanding of our market. And today's episode is a masterclass. Daryl Simpson, now a Partner at Magnum Projects, sits down with Adam & Matt to share his insights on all things Vancouver real estate.

    Why is timing more important than location? What easy metric can help you time the bottom? And what strategies will take your real estate game from good to great? This only begins to capture the game-changing takeaways in today’s episode. Level up!

    1h 28m | Jun 2, 2023
  • VREP #373 | Learning from Western Canada's Largest Developer with Jonathan Meads

    One surefire way to make money in real estate is to spot the market trends and act on them. StreetSide Developments is doing just that. A division of Qualico, Western Canada's largest privately owned real estate company, StreetSide is bringing generations of real estate expertise to the Lower Mainland. Jonathan Meads, Vice President of StreetSide, sits down with Matt and Adam to share his thoughts on the Vancouver real estate from his unique vantage point.

    Which areas are positioned for explosive growth? What building challenges are unique to Vancouver? And what does Jonathan think the market will do for the balance of 2023 and beyond? This is a great overview of the current state of the market with some juicy insights from one of the largest players in Western Canada. Listen up!

    1h 5m | May 26, 2023
  • VREP #372 | Critical Housing Market Insights with Zonda's CEO Jeff Meyers

    Today's guest has been analyzing and collecting data on residential new home construction and real estate trends since 1985. Now, as the head of the leading provider of data to the residential home building industry in North America, CEO of Zonda Jeff Meyers sits down with Matt & Adam to discuss the Vancouver real estate market, US & Canadian real estate at large, and where our local market mirrors and diverges from larger real estate trends.

    Does Vancouver real estate make sense? Why will inventory remain at record lows? And how is Zonda transforming the way new homes are built and sold? This is a data deep dive with a legend in the industry. Get your notepad!

    1h 10m | May 19, 2023
  • VREP #371 | Victoria Real Estate Market Trends with Tony Joe

    How’s the Victoria Real Estate Market? This week, Tony Joe, top-producing real estate agent, owner of REMAX Island Properties, and host of The Whole Home Show with Tony Joe on CFAX 1070, sits down with Matt & Adam to discuss all things real estate on Vancouver Island.

    How’s the market? Where are the best areas to invest? And how will the Vancouver Island real estate market perform for the remainder of 2023? This is your crash course on Vancouver Island - get your notebook!

    56m | May 12, 2023
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