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The most entertaining of magazines... Join our host EJ Love as he explores the local Vancouver art scene in conversations with musicians, photographers, actors, DJs, and creators.


Ep. 10. Shane Savage, Actor
Show Details26min 33s
Ep. 9. Ian Hibbert, Software Engineer (by day...)
Show Details17min 52s
Ep. 8. Justin Patrick, Musician
Show Details12min 21s
Ep. 7. Yani Clarke, Photographer
Show Details36min 28s
Ep. 6. DJ K-Tel, DJ (on location from The Morrissey Pub)
Show Details38min 9s
Ep. 5. Christapor Yaacoubian, Storyteller
Show Details55min 3s
Ep. 4. Anthony Clay McRae, Designer
Show Details40min 56s
Ep. 3. Checo Tohomaso, Gospel Choir Director
Show Details38min 2s
Ep. 2. Lee Nichols, Musician
Show Details44min 33s
Ep. 1. Meet your host, EJ Love
Show Details53min 38s