VCREP #108 | How Do the Kelowna Fires Affect Your Commercial Investments, with Jeff Hancock

Episode 108
32m | Sep 13, 2023

Back in action! Cory and Melissa have returned to the studio. This week we are joined by Jeff Hancock who specializes in land development and is joining us all the way from the William Wright Kelowna office.

Jeff is here to discuss from first hand experience the repercussions and effects the recent forest fires have on the local market over there. These annual occurrences have become a part of life for this vibrant Okanagan city that has over the past few years has become a bubble for real-estate development.

Jeff also unpacks a comprehensive overview of the commercial real estate landscape in Kelowna. This episode might be compact, but it's packed with the latest, need-to-know information. Lets go!

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