• VCREP #140 | How to Buy Commercial Real Estate for Only $100 with Stephen Jagger of Addy

    This week, Cory and Matt welcome entrepreneur, author, and speaker Stephen Jagger to the show. Stephen's entrepreneurial journey began in 2000 with Combustion Hosting and continued with the successful launches of Ubertor Realtor Software, OutsourcingThingsDone.com, PayrollHero, and Instant Messaging Real Estate Corp.

    Stephen shares his insights on revolutionizing the real estate industry to make homeownership accessible to everyone through addy

    E140 - 40m - Jul 24, 2024
  • VCREP #139 | The Most Influential Development in the South Okanagan: Rocky Sethi on the Transforming of Penticton's Innovation District

    VCREP #139 | The most influential development in the South Okanagan: Rocky Sethi on the transforming of Penticton's Innovation District 

    This week, Cory and Melissa welcome Rocky Sethi, Managing Director of Stryke Group, here to unpack a groundbreaking project near Penticton Regional Hospital, the Innovation District 

    Rocky reveals the ambitious vision for a master-planned, mixed-use community featuring up to 1500 homes, over 100,000 square feet of retail and office space, and other commercial uses. With an investment of $800M over the next decade, the project promises significant economic benefits, including hundreds of local jobs during construction and permanent positions upon completion.

    Tune in to learn about the innovative community design focused on walkability, urban design, and supporting the local workforce, especially those working at the hospital and nearby businesses.

    Rocky’s insights into this transformative development offer a glimpse into the future of urban planning and community building. Level up!

    E139 - 29m - Jul 17, 2024
  • REPOST: VCREP #4 | The Dirtiest Job in Commercial Real Estate that will Save You Thousands with Shane Rigter

    *Disclaimer: This podcast was originally recorded and aired in June 2021*

    Who has the dirtiest job in commercial real estate? Cory welcomes Shane Rigter from Next Environmental, a leader in environmental testing in the commercial real estate industry. When buying a commercial building or property, ever wonder how the soil can impact your purchasing decisions? Shane breaks down what this is all about and how federal and provincial regulations have impacted this part of the industry. All commercial land owners, and future land owners, need to grab a notepad, pull up a seat, and hear how the dirt below your feet can affect you buying the building above the surface. 

    54m - Jul 3, 2024
  • REPOST: VCREP #58 | This Commercial Market Makes Dollars and Sense with Jeff Kennedy

    *Disclaimer: This podcast was originally recorded and aired in July 2022*

    There's no secret that supply chain issues and inflation are having a direct impact on developers all around the world. In the studio this week, Cory and Adam welcome Jeff Kennedy from Troika Developments, one of Kelowna's most well-known builders, to discuss the challenges within the development industry and what the future looks like for developers, as well as breaking down some of the areas he is most excited about in BC's Interior.

    Jeff also gives us insight into how developers would break down a purpose-built rental project vs. a strata site, along with the metrics behind the decision-making process. Not to mention, Jeff is one of the coolest guests we have had join us in 2022, so all things considered, this is another great episode you do not want to miss out on!

    37m - Jun 26, 2024
  • VCREP #138 | Interest Rate Shifts with Jon Switzer

    Join Cory and Adam this week as they welcome back past guest and fan favorite, Jon Switzer from Impact Commercial.

    Jon dives into the recently announced interest rate changes, discussing what these shifts could mean for the commercial real estate market and sharing his expert predictions on future interest rate trends.

    Don't miss this insightful episode packed with valuable information for investors and real estate enthusiasts alike.

    E138 - 30m - Jun 19, 2024
  • VCREP #137 | How to Avoid the Million Dollar Mistake with Scott McInnes

    This week, Cory and Melissa welcome back fan favorite Scott McInnes, Partner and Lawyer at Red Point Law, for an in-depth discussion on the intricacies of contracts. 

    In this episode, Scott unpacks the crucial elements of estoppels and shareholder agreements, emphasizing the significance of precise contract wording. With his extensive legal expertise, Scott offers invaluable insights into why every detail matters in contract formulation and execution.

    Tune in for a detailed exploration of contracts and discover how to navigate the complexities of legal agreements with confidence. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the best in the field!

    E137 - 42m - Jun 12, 2024
  • VCREP #136 | Understanding Canada's New Cap Gains Rules with Ben Vella

    This week, Cory takes the helm solo to address a hot topic requested by our listeners: the proposed changes to Canada's capital gains taxes. With new taxation rules slated to come into effect on June 2nd, it's crucial to understand how these changes might impact your investments.

    To shed light on this important issue, Cory is joined by returning guest Ben Vella. Ben, who previously shared his expertise on commercial real estate accounting, is back to unpack the effects of the new capital gains rules.

    Tune in as Cory and Ben discuss the implications of these changes, what investors need to know, and how to strategically navigate the new landscape. Whether you're an experienced investor or just starting out, this episode is packed with essential insights to help you stay informed and prepared.

    Don't miss this crucial discussion on the future of capital gains taxes in Canada and what it means for you.

    E136 - 28m - Jun 5, 2024
  • REPOST: VCREP #54 | Victoria Vs. Nanaimo… Which Would You Rather? With Robin Kelley

    *Disclaimer: This podcast was originally recorded and aired in June 2022*

    The ongoing debate on Vancouver Island right now is Victoria or Nanaimo? In this episode we ask this question from a commercial real estate perspective to one of our experts, Robin Kelley, of the Groupe Denux; one of Vancouver Islands long-standing families of real estate.

    Robin is on the show this week to provide his insight on both markets and how each market has fared over the years and unpacks what asset classes he thinks will continue to grow post COVID. He also touches on some Alberta projects the family has in the works. This is another great episode you don’t want to miss out on, so sit back and enjoy.

    54m - May 29, 2024
  • VCREP #135 | The Best Markets to Invest in Halfway Through 2024

    This week, Cory and Adam take center stage to deliver an essential mid-year review of the hottest investment markets for 2024. With their finger on the pulse of commercial real estate, they dive deep into the data and trends, revealing the prime locations ripe with opportunity.

    In this episode, Cory and Adam break down the top-performing markets and emerging hotspots, offering expert analysis and actionable insights to help you make informed investment decisions. This episode is packed with valuable information on where to focus your efforts and capitalize on the shifting landscape.

    Don't miss this chance to gain an edge in your investment strategy as Cory and Adam highlight the best markets to watch in the second half of 2024. Let's go!

    E135 - 41m - May 22, 2024
  • VCREP #134 | Affordable Communities, with Brad Jones, Senior VP of Development at Wesgroup

    Join Cory and Melissa as they welcome Brad Jones, Senior Vice President of Development at Wesgroup, to the podcast this week. Recently recognized as one of Business in Vancouver’s Forty Under 40, Brad brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.

    Brad unpacks the critical topics of Development Cost Charges (DCCs) and Community Amenity Contributions (CACs). With a focus on affordability and sustainability, they explore the challenges and opportunities facing future developments, offering invaluable insights into the complex world of real estate development.

    Don't miss out on this enlightening conversation, where Brad shares his vision for elevating communities and driving positive change through thoughtful development practices.

    Level up!

    E134 - 47m - May 15, 2024
  • VCREP #133 | How to Become Your Own Developer, with Geoff Krahn

    Today Cory and Matt welcome Geoff Krahn to the show. Geoff is the visionary Founder & CEO of Reveloper.

    With a passion for simplifying real estate development through innovative technology, Geoff is on a mission to empower property owners and revolutionize the industry.

    Geoff dives deep into the concept of taking control of your land and maximizing its development potential. Drawing from his vast experience, he discusses the various options available to landowners and provides valuable insights into navigating the complex world of real estate development.

    Don't miss out on this enlightening conversation, where Matt, Adam, and Geoff explore the possibilities of leveraging your land to drive innovation in the real estate industry.

    Tune in and discover how you can unlock the full potential of your property with Reveloper's groundbreaking approach.

    E133 - 30m - May 8, 2024
  • VCREP #132 | Building Canada's Fastest Growing Company with Josh Gaglardi

    Join Cory and Adam this week with Joshua Gaglardi, founder and President of Orion Construction.

    Joshua unpacks the company's extraordinary journey to success. With a wealth of industry experience and a talent for navigating the complexities of light industrial and commercial construction, Joshua shares insights into Orion's remarkable rise to prominence.

    Joshua delves into the strategies and principles that have propelled Orion Construction to the forefront of the industry. From negotiating contracts exceeding $2 billion to overseeing millions of square feet of developments, Joshua's visionary leadership has been instrumental in Orion's rapid growth and market dominance.

    Let's go!

    E132 - 34m - May 1, 2024
  • VCREP #131 | Ins and Outs of Commercial Leasing, with Stephen Gammer

    Join Cory and Melissa as they dive into the intricacies of commercial lease negotiations with special guest Stephen Gammer. With over 15 years of experience in the Commercial Real Estate industry in the Fraser Valley, Stephen is a seasoned expert in guiding small and medium-sized businesses through the lease process.

    In this episode, Stephen shares invaluable insights on what to expect during the commercial lease process, common pitfalls to avoid, and strategies to negotiate win-win situations for all parties involved. Drawing from his extensive background in leasing and investment advice, Stephen offers practical tips and critical tools of analysis to empower listeners in their commercial real estate endeavors.

    Don't miss out on this episode filled with actionable advice and insider knowledge from a respected industry veteran.

    Let's go!

    E131 - 40m - Apr 17, 2024
  • VCREP #130 | Building Success: Unraveling Orion Construction's Triumph

    Tune in as Cory and Matt invite Cameron Archer, Director of Sales and Marketing at Orion Construction.

    Cameron is here to unpack the secrets behind the company's remarkable success. Cameron shares the fascinating journey of Orion Construction, a relatively new player in the construction landscape, and how they've managed to excel in a competitive market. From leveraging his background in managing industrial projects to nurturing client relationships, Cameron provides unique perspectives and creative solutions that have propelled Orion Construction to new heights.

    Also... listen in to learn how you can enter our Nickelback ticket draw, front row to then featured on the show. Then to top if all off the possibility of a meet and greet with Adam Scalena! 

    Don't miss out on this episode filled with valuable insights and exciting opportunities!

    E130 - 49m - Apr 10, 2024
  • VCREP #129 | Unveiling Commercial Real Estate Accounting: Insights with Ben Vella

    Join Cory and Melisa as they delve into the intricate world of commercial real estate accounting with special guest Ben Vella, Chief Financial Officer of Rain City Industrial. With over 12 years of experience in accounting and business, Ben brings a wealth of expertise to the table.

    Ben sheds light on the crucial role of financial management in commercial real estate projects. From managing budgets to identifying cost savings opportunities for clients, Ben shares valuable insights on optimizing cash flow structures and maximizing tax savings.

    Providing listeners with actionable strategies to enhance financial performance and achieve success in their projects. Don't miss out on this episode packed with invaluable tips and advice for investors and developers alike!

    35m - Mar 27, 2024
  • VCREP #128 | Maple Ridge's Commercial Real Estate Goldmine with Stathis Michael Savvis

    Join Cory and Melissa this week as they shift their attention to the city of Maple Ridge, a current hotspot in the commercial real estate realm.

    Accompanied by special guest Stathis Michael Savvis, a seasoned professional from the William Wright Tri-Cities office, boasting over a decade of thriving real estate investing and finance expertise.

    Stathis unpacks endlessly the exciting opportunities awaiting in Maple Ridge, accentuating its pro-business ethos and promising growth prospects within the greater Vancouver area.

    Tune in and stake your claim on the dynamic Maple Ridge frontier!

    E128 - 34m - Mar 20, 2024
  • VCREP #127 | Is the Tri Cities the Next Best Investment Market with Nathan Armour

    Join Cory and Melissa this week with Nathan Armour, the esteemed Team Lead at William Wright Commercial's New Westminster Office. Recognized as one of the top-producing brokers, Nathan brings a wealth of experience in the industry.

    His expertise spans property valuations, business sales, investment opportunities, and understanding the unique needs of clients across various asset classes. With a background in management and hospitality, Nathan brings a unique blend of skills to the table, creating a culture of execution that enhances the commercial real estate experience.

    Tune in to gain insights into market trends, areas of activity, and the ever-evolving landscape of commercial real estate as Nathan unpacks his extensive knowledge, where industry expertise meets a passion for delivering results.

    E127 - 39m - Mar 6, 2024
  • VCREP #126 | Pouring Success: Unveiling Vancouver's Pub Revolution with William Donnellan, CEO of IRL Group

    Join Cory and Matt as they engage in a compelling conversation with William Donnellan, the CEO and Founder of IRL Group. With a vision to elevate the hospitality scene, William has been steering the expansion of Irish-inspired pubs throughout Vancouver.

    In this episode, William opens up about the current state and challenges within the hospitality industry. Gain insights into how IRL Group navigated the complexities of a post-pandemic market, adapting and expanding to meet the demands of a changing landscape.

    William Donnellan shares his experiences, industry insights, and the strategies that propelled IRL Group's growth. Don't miss this episode for a firsthand look at the dynamics of what can be a very tough industry.

    E126 - 28m - Feb 28, 2024
  • VCREP #125 | Commercial Real Estate: A Conversation with David Basche, President of Astria Properties

    Cory and Melissa welcome David Basche, President of Astria Properties, to the show.

    With a rich background in industrial and complex real estate projects, David brings a decade of experience in development and acquisitions for one of Canada’s leading real estate developers.

    In this episode, David provides unparalleled insights into the industrial asset class and its dynamic landscape. Delving into the nuances of industrial real estate, he also explores the evolving trends in the office asset class. Including the topic of rezoning; particularly the shift from industry to office, sparked by recent industry trends.

    All of this and more! David Basche unravels the intricacies of the current state of the industry and shares his wealth of expertise. Let's go! 

    E125 - 40m - Feb 21, 2024
  • VCREP #124 | Are You Canada's Next Entrepreneurs of the Year with Anita Chang of EY

    In today's episode, Cory and Adam welcome Anita Chang to the show. Anita is a Partner with EY, shedding light on the intriguing intersection of entrepreneurship and real estate ventures.

    Anita takes the stage to discuss EY's Entrepreneur of the Year program, unveiling the significance and opportunities it presents for entrepreneurs in the real estate arena. While it may seem like a departure, the parallels become clear as Anita unpacks how entrepreneurial spirit intertwines with strategic real estate investments.

    Tune in to discover the unexpected synergies and potential avenues for entrepreneurs in the commercial real estate landscape. This episode provides a fresh perspective on the dynamic relationship between entrepreneurship and real estate ventures.

    Submit your nomination: https://www.ey.com/en_ca/entrepreneur-of-the-year-canada

    E124 - 37m - Feb 14, 2024
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