• VCREP #109 | Maximizing Profits: The Power of Property Management with Heidi Shortreed of Vedderbrook Properties

    In this episode, hosts Cory and Matt are joined by a true expert in the field, Heidi Shortreed from Vedderbrook Properties. Heidi unveils the secrets to unlocking hidden profitability within your real estate ventures through the strategic use of property management.

    Tune in as Heidi shares her invaluable insights on how a seasoned property manager can be the key to turning your building into a revenue-generating powerhouse. She doesn't stop there; Heidi delves into a variety of commercial asset classes, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the diverse investment options available.

    Heidi reveals with us the insider perspective on acquiring a property sans a property manager, and how this unconventional approach can lead to substantial benefits in the long run.

    This episode is a must-listen for any savvy real estate investor looking to take their portfolio to the next level. Join us as we uncover the strategies and tactics that can elevate your real estate game. Another episode for the books.

    44m | Sep 20, 2023
  • VCREP #108 | How Do the Kelowna Fires Affect Your Commercial Investments, with Jeff Hancock

    Back in action! Cory and Melissa have returned to the studio. This week we are joined by Jeff Hancock who specializes in land development and is joining us all the way from the William Wright Kelowna office.

    Jeff is here to discuss from first hand experience the repercussions and effects the recent forest fires have on the local market over there. These annual occurrences have become a part of life for this vibrant Okanagan city that has over the past few years has become a bubble for real-estate development.

    Jeff also unpacks a comprehensive overview of the commercial real estate landscape in Kelowna. This episode might be compact, but it's packed with the latest, need-to-know information. Lets go!

    32m | Sep 13, 2023
  • REPOST: VCREP #28 | Why You Should Invest in Canada's Next Big City with Anita Huberman

    *Disclaimer: This podcast was originally recorded and aired in November 2021*

    Ever wonder what makes Surrey so attractive for both business and families? This week, Surrey's Board of Trade CEO, Anita Huberman, joined Matt and Cory to discuss Canada's next big major city and driving forces behind it. If Surrey was not on your list of places to invest in, it should be now after listening to this episode! Anita breaks down all the economic drivers behind the massive growth of BC's second largest city and what makes it attractive for so many developers. She also shares which areas of Surrey are next to boom and may not be in the forefront of the public's eye just yet, which always makes for a great investment opportunity. Anita also shares some interesting stats when it comes to the age demographic of Surrey (hint: you haven't yet missed the boat to invest in this booming city). Stats show Surrey is on pace to become BC's largest city or municipality by 2040. Whether you're talking about industrial, office, retail or multifamily, Surrey is a place that should be high on everyone's investment list!

    43m | Sep 6, 2023
  • REPOST: VCREP #8 | How to Buy the Perfect Investment Property with Thomas Wieckowski from Campbell and Pound Commercial Appraisers

    *Disclaimer: This podcast was originally recorded and aired in June 2021*

    Ever wonder how an appraiser or bank views your purchase? This week Cory welcomes Thomas Wieckowski to break down the appraisal process, how to value risk, and how a bank views your property. A must-listen-to episode if you are thinking of buying or have purchased commercial real estate to ensure you get the best value for your dollar. Thomas sheds some great insight for your next commercial purchase and what to consider during the offer process!

    51m | Aug 30, 2023
  • REPOST: VCREP# 7 | Commercial Real Estate's Top Tax Tips with John Juranyi

    *Disclaimer: This podcast was originally recorded and aired in June 2021*

    What tax benefits does commercial real estate offer, Want to buy a commercial property and avoid paying property transfer tax? Cory and Adam welcome John Juranyi from Davidson & Company Accountants to discuss tax tips and benefits of owning commercial real estate. John provides in site on how buy the shares or company vs the commercial asset to avoid property transfer tax and ways to defer capital gains on the sale of commercial real estate. A must listen to episode for everyone who owns or looking to own commercial real estate.

    47m | Aug 23, 2023
  • VCREP #107 | Vancouver Island’s Best Development Markets with Santanna Portman

    Join hosts Cory and Melissa as they welcome Santanna Portman, a seasoned Commercial Sales and Leasing Specialist at William Wright.

    Santanna brings her wealth of expertise to the table, diving deep into the vibrant commercial landscape that defines Vancouver Island.

    She offers invaluable insights and perspectives on the current state of the market, shedding light on key trends, emerging opportunities, and the evolving dynamics that shape this ever-changing landscape.

    Another insightful episode into the life and the market on the Island. Let's go!

    Here is a SECURE LINK to donate to Jayden Lee's 100 Mile run for BC Children's Hospital. 

    38m | Aug 16, 2023
  • REPOST: VCREP #15 | How to Buy Commercial Real Estate with 0% Down with Jon Switzer

    *Disclaimer: This podcast was originally recorded and aired in August 2021*

    Are you a successful business owner? Or maybe a business owner who has been able to provide a living for your family but hasn't yet found financial freedom through your business?

    This week, Cory and Matt welcome Jon Switzer, an owner occupier financial specialist, who shows business owners how to unlock their revenues enabling them to become their own landlord and in some cases with as little as 0% down including closing costs. Most businesses in Canada are small businesses, 50 employees or less, and you would be surprised to hear how a lot of these businesses have the financial ability to buy their real estate vs leasing it. Jon highlights how banks view your business, the do's and don'ts when you're looking to purchase real estate for your business, and simple mistakes business owners make that could cost you an opportunity to become your own landlord.

    This is a must-listen episode for all business owners or those inspiring to be business owners one day!

    47m | Aug 9, 2023
  • VCREP #106 | The Office Market Is Coming Back with Kevin Johnston

    Cory and Melisa are back with an incredible episode featuring Kevin Johnston, President at Strand. Prepare for an in-depth discussion as Kevin takes center stage to share his expert perspectives on the market's current landscape, interest rates, and the latest developments coming from Strand.

    Kevin unpacks the opportunities and challenges that shape Vancouver's real estate scene. From market trends to the impact of interest rates, the excitement doesn't end there—we also dive into the office asset class, which seems to be bubbling under the surface with potential.

    Discover the cutting-edge projects that Strand has in the pipeline, providing a glimpse into the future of Vancouver's architectural marvels. If you're a real estate enthusiast or an investor seeking to navigate the dynamic Vancouver market, this episode is a goldmine of valuable insights.

    Let's go!

    36m | Aug 2, 2023
  • VCREP #105 | Is the Office Market the Best Investment? With Meg Cooney

    This week, Cory and Melissa have back on the show past-guest-fan-favorite Meg Cooney, a seasoned Commercial Real Estate Broker at our William Wright Vancouver Office.

    We have the spotlight on commercial office space and this week Meg is taking a deep delve into transformational approach that draws people back to offices without enduring long commutes. This isn't just a discussion about office spaces; it's a blueprint for redefining the future of our communities.

    If you're curious about the potential of commercial real estate, the reinvention of office spaces, and strategies for thriving in this dynamic market, this episode is a must-listen.

    43m | Jul 26, 2023
  • REPOST: VCREP #16 | Is Kamloops BC's Next Big Real Estate Market to Invest In with Bryan Pilbeam

    *Disclaimer: This podcast was originally recorded and aired in August 2021*

    Ever wish you could go back in time and buy as much Vancouver real estate as you could in 2003? It may not be too late....to buy into what could be BC's next real estate market set to boom: Kamloops. This week, Cory and Matt welcome Bryan Pilbeam, Vice President of Invictus Properties, to discuss everything Kamloops including Bryan's latest commercial project set to regenerate downtown Kamloops, The Hive. COVID19 has made working remotely the norm and has allowed both employers and employees to relook at where they call home and cities like Kamloops are right ready to boom.

    Learn what industries are thriving and what's next for one of BC's largest Okanagan towns. Plus, Bryan breaks down the difference between Kelowna and Kamloops and you would be surprised with how much they differ.

    Enjoy the first of a four-part mini series highlighting some of BC's best investment opportunities outside of the Lower Mainland.

    50m | Jul 19, 2023
  • VCREP #104 | BC's Hottest Real Estate Market & How to Supercharge your Investment Strategy with Cory Wright

    Want to learn how to pick winning markets in under an hour? Many of you will know Cory Wright as Host of the Vancouver Commercial Real Estate Podcast, but Cory is so much more - Founder & Managing Director of William Wright Commercial Real Estate Services, BIV’s Top 40 Under 40 award recipient, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, avid real estate investor, and - most importantly - one of the best deal finders we’ve ever met.

    So this week, Cory joins Matt & Adam to hold a master class on how to choose markets, find and analyze the best deals, and implement advanced strategies that will supercharge your portfolio. The strategies in this episode apply to both residential and commercial real estate investing. Enjoy.

    1h 11m | Jul 12, 2023
  • VCREP #103 | The Best Investments in a High Interest Rate Market, with Gordon MacPherson

    Join hosts Cory and Melissa this week in a captivating interview with Gordon MacPherson, President of Elevate Development Corp.

    Gordon provides expert insights into the current real estate market and its dynamic nature. We talk about how different asset classes have been affected since the pandemic and gain valuable knowledge on the evolving trends in walkable village concepts within various areas. Get ready to broaden your horizons as Gordon shares what he perceives as investment opportunities across the country.

    Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting out, this episode offers a wealth of information to help you navigate the ever-changing real estate landscape. Tune in now to gain valuable insights from one of the industry's most knowledgeable voices, and unlock the secrets to successful real estate investing. Lets go!

    33m | Jul 5, 2023
  • VCREP #102 | Why BC Real Estate is the Safest Investment with Peter Leung

    Join hosts Cory and Matt this week as they welcome back past guest and fan favorite, Peter Leung, who is an esteemed "investorpreneur", and international correspondent for the show.

    With his finger on the pulse of international markets, Peter offers unique insights that can give you a competitive edge. Discover his surprising choices on whether to buy or sell and prepare to be astounded by his current preferred investment hotspot.

    That's not all—pulling out the crystal ball this time round, Peter delivers an insightful response that will leave you eager to strategize and level up your own investment game.

    We unlock Peter's wealth of knowledge and leverage his global perspective so you can make informed decisions to help propel your investment endeavors.

    50m | Jun 28, 2023
  • VCREP #101 | Interest Rates and Where are they Headed with Jon Switzer

    Join Cory and Melissa this week as they unpack the recent interest rate hike with past guest and fan favourite Jon Switzer, Managing Partner & Commercial Mortgage Broker at Impact Commercial.

    Jon sheds light on the recent interest rate adjustments and their impact on individuals and businesses alike. Gain a deeper understanding of how these changes reverberate throughout the market and explore the potential ramifications for the local economy. As well as providing valuable insight to help navigate the evolving landscape we also get Jon to give us his expert predictions on the future of interest rates and whether we can expect upward or downward shifts.

    Tune in for this compelling discussion. Stay informed, stay prepared!

    39m | Jun 21, 2023
  • VCREP #100 | Housing Crisis Solved with Shawn Bouchard

    Join Cory in a thought-provoking conversation as he sits down with Shawn Bouchard, Chief Operating Officer of Lorval Developments.

    In this episode, Shawn takes us on a deep dive into the pressing issue of Vancouver's rental housing crisis. With expertise gained from years of experience in the industry, Shawn unpacks his thoughts on the root causes of the problem and offers valuable insight on potential solutions. Discover how government intervention can play a pivotal role in addressing the challenges faced by renters in Vancouver. Shawn's expertise and passion for creating positive change shine through as he shares his vision for a more sustainable and accessible rental market.

    If you're eager to gain a better understanding of the Vancouver housing landscape and explore potential strategies to alleviate the crisis, this episode is a must-listen. Get ready to expand your knowledge and join the conversation on building a brighter future for renters in Vancouver.

    Also we missed it in the episode, but you can contact Shawn at SBouchard@Lorval.ca

    38m | Jun 14, 2023
  • VCREP #99 | Is Calgary a Better Real Estate Investment than BC? with Lori Suba and Laurae Spindler

    Joining Cory and Melissa this week we have from Scout Real Estate President and Broker, Lori Suba and Vice President and Associate, Laurae Spindler who are back on the show to revisit the market in Calgary.

    Lori and Laurae don’t hold back as we unpack the different sectors of the market as well as discuss the Calgary downtown core and learn what the future could entail for what we agreed was Canada’s top 2023 market.

    Take notes and broaden your boundaries as we take a peek over the fence into the Alberta commercial real estate market.

    43m | Jun 7, 2023
  • VCREP #98 | BC's Best Kept Secret with Marianne DeCotiis

    This week Cory and Matt welcome back Marianne DeCotiis; who has since moved from Langley and is now reporting from the William Wright office in Kamloops.

    We are opening the Kamloops market and digging in! How has the commercial market changed and developed over the past few years? How easy is the market to navigate? What is the current state of supply? How have the operations of the commercial market shifted? A great deal of information for the VCREP community this week, worth a second listen to make sure you digest it all.

    Marianne is back and providing us with fantastic insight. This is another information packed episode you do not want to miss out on. Enjoy! 

    51m | May 31, 2023
  • REPOST: VCREP #5 | How to Increase your Property’s Value Without Lifting a Finger with Warren Smithies

    *Disclaimer: This podcast was originally recorded and aired in June 2021*

    Are you looking to buy commercial real estate but have no idea how to take care of the property? No worries; Cory welcomes Warren Smithies CEO of Martello Group, one of Western Canada’s leading commercial property management companies, with over 5,000,000 SQFT under management. Warren walks you through the benefits of having a professional management company oversee and manage your property which will lead to increased value for owners without having to lift a finger. COVID 19 impacted landlords all over the world and here first hand what Warren’s portfolio has experienced and here how they prepare as BC is entering the first stage of the reopening plan.

    51m | May 24, 2023
  • VCREP #97 | Where You Can Buy an Acre of Industrial for ONLY $550,000 with Bronwyn Scrivens

    Joining Cory and Melissa this week is Bronwyn Scrivens. Bronwyn is an Associate on the Industrial Team at Omada Commercial, back on the show to give us a update on the Alberta market.

    Bronwyn unpacks market lease rates, the differences between Calgary and Edmonton when it comes to being an industrial landlord, how prices have changed and where would you invest if you were to walk into the market today? 

    We even shook up the 6-pack for a little extra excitement. We ask the questions and Bronwyn does not hold back, another episode jam-packed with information and insight, lets go! 

    41m | May 17, 2023
  • VCREP #96 | Commercial Real Estate 2023 Report Card with Rod Mackay

    With the amount of success our previous episodes with Rod have been, we just had to get him back on the show. So joining Cory and Matt this week, we have William Wright Commercial's very own, Rod MacKay.

    If you have been struggling to stay in the loop lately, this is the episode for you. Rod is here to give us a general update on the market. How have interest rates affected the market? How is the supply? What is the vacancy rate doing? And how is the retail market fairing after the pandemic?

    All of this and more in another information-packed episode for the VCREP community. It's always beneficial to get Rod's perspective on the market. Enjoy!

    47m | May 10, 2023
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