VTPM156: From The Queue - Building a Park by Selecting Attractions from Random Parks

50m | Aug 18, 2022

In this episode, Tom and Joanna celebrate Ian’s triumphant return by bringing back an old favorite episode type, From The Queue

In this FTQ, a random park will be chosen from a pre-selected list and everyone will pick an attraction from the park in secret. They reveal their choices, if no one else has picked the chosen attraction, it goes into their park, however, if someone else did pick the same attraction, then the attraction is discarded and they must choose a different, unchosen attraction from the same park. This is repeated until everyone has chosen an attraction, then another park will be randomly selected.

Everyone will need to fill in the following to have a completed park.

4 roller coasters | 2 dark rides | 2 water rides | 1 show/parade/fireworks | 1 special event | 1 miscellaneous.  

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