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Vacationeers Theme Parks & More

Vacationeers Theme Parks & More Podcast discusses topics from vacation trip planning to trip reporting on vacations at theme parks, beaches, cruises, international travel & anywhere else a vacation may take you. We may sprinkle in a little theme park news or a game just for fun.


VacationCheers 162: SeaWorld Orlando Christmas Celebration, Labor Day Freebies at Disney Springs & More
Show Details45min 11s
VacationScares 161: HHN, MNSSHP, BGT/BGW HOS & Much More w/Jon Self & “Adventures by D” Dave
Show Details1hr 24min
VacationScares 160: SeaWorld Orlando Howl-O-Scream with Jon Self & Jon’s Birthday at Paddlefish, T-Rex Cafe & more…
Show Details1hr 4min
VacationScares 159: Follow-up to Kevin Murphy’s Vacation Planning & HHN Dining with Jon Self
Show Details1hr 8min
VacationScares 158: Overviews of the Halloween Events We are Experiencing This Year
Show Details1hr 18min
VTPM157: Family Fun “Stay-cation” at Universal & Disney - Part II
Show Details48min 54s
VTPM156: From The Queue - Building a Park by Selecting Attractions from Random Parks
Show Details50min 13s
VTPM155: Family Fun “Stay-cation” at Universal & Disney - Part I
Show Details1hr 9min
VTPM154: Carowinds with Adventures By D and Their Upcoming Halloween "Double Header"
Show Details1hr 7min
VTPM153: Answering Kevin Murphy’s Orlando vacation email questions with Jon Self
Show Details1hr 17min
VTPM152: Orlando Talk with Special Guest, Realtor Danielle George From Moving To Orlando
Show Details1hr 4min
VTPM151: Joanna’s Canadian Adventure of the Seas Royal Caribbean Cruise
Show Details1hr 4min
VTPM150: Tom’s Miami Weekend - Bayside Marketplace, Sunset Cruise & More
Show Details45min 55s
VTPM149: Joanna’s Bermuda Carnival Magic Cruise & Much More
Show Details1hr 7min
VTPM148: Orlando Off-Site Hotels, USF snacks & Much More with Jon Self
Show Details1hr 39min
VTPM147: 2022 Food & Wine Festival at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Jungle X-Pedition at Kings Dominion plus Kennywood Josh, aka, Cedar Point Josh, aka Brian…
Show Details1hr 20min
VTPM146: 2022 Seven Seas Food Festival at SeaWorld Orlando plus Food & Wine Festival at Busch Gardens Tampa
Show Details1hr 14min
VTPM145: Spring break with the kids in Florida (Iron Gwazi & Ice Breaker?), someone rides Pantheon at BGW & much more
Show Details58min 38s
VTPM144: Pantheon or Bust at Busch Gardens Williamsburg
Show Details40min 36s
VTPM143: Tom’s Royal Caribbean Independence of the Seas February 2022 Cruise
Show Details1hr 8min
VTPM142: Opening Day at Six Flags Over Georgia with Adventures by D
Show Details1hr 1min
VTPM141: An Evening With Jon Self Part II - Universal, Disney, Food, Touring, Hotels & So Much More
Show Details1hr
VTPM140: An Evening With Jon Self Part I - Universal, Disney, Food, Touring, Hotels & So Much More
Show Details1hr 2min
VTPM139: Mardi Gras at Universal Studios Florida & Much More or Less
Show Details52min 51s
VTPM138: 2021 Year in Review & Looking Forward to 2022
Show Details49min 58s
VTPM137: Mardi Gras at Busch Gardens Tampa 2022, SeaWorld Free Beer & More
Show Details49min 39s
VTPM136: The Move to Orlando & Our Day at IOA
Show Details48min 20s
VTPM135: Joanna’s Winterfest, Tom’s TSO & Announcement
Show Details1hr 3min
VTPM134: VacationCheers! Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas 2021
Show Details43min 40s
VTPM133: VacationCheers! Busch Gardens Williamsburg Christmas Town 2021
Show Details37min 33s
VTPM132: The Man, Myth, & Legend, Mike Collins from (ding!)
Show Details1hr 16min
VTPM131: Theme Park Family Feud (episode 2) - Vacationeers vs. Adventures by D
Show Details48min 7s
VTPM130: VacationScares - SeaWorld Orlando Howl-O-Scream & HHN 2021
Show Details1hr 9min
VTPM129: VacationScares - Six Flags Great Adventure Fright Fest 2021
Show Details1hr 9min
VTPM128: VacationScares - Kings Dominion Halloween Haunt
Show Details51min
VTPM127: Craft Beer Festival at SeaWorld Orlando
Show Details56min
VTPM126: Theme Park Family Feud (episode 1) - Vacationeers vs. Adventures by D
Show Details57min 18s
VTPM125: VacationScares - BGW Howl-O-Scream Opening Night & Golden Ticket Awards Discussion
Show Details1hr 10min
VTPM124: Our Oahu, Hawaii trip
Show Details1hr 30min
VTPM123: Dollywood Summer Celebration & Busch Gardens Williamsburg Bierfest
Show Details1hr 1min
VTPM122: Kings Island trip report - a day with all-day dining & Fastlane Plus
Show Details1hr 5min
VTPM121: Joanna’s Myrtle Beach Visit, Plus Upcoming Plans Update
Show Details44min
VTPM120: Busch Gardens Williamsburg & Tampa Summer Nights Events
Show Details1hr 8min
VTPM119: Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari Trip Report
Show Details1hr 9min
VTPM118: Kentucky Kingdom trip report as well as Ian & Jill’s visit to Kings Dominion
Show Details57min 30s
VTPM117: The Great Disney Debate - The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh & Pirates of the Caribbean
Show Details46min 52s
VTPM116: Memorial Day Weekend at Myrtle Beach riding the Fun in the Sun coaster at the Funplex and much more
Show Details54min
VTPM115: The Man, Myth & Legend, Matt Hochberg from RoyalCaribbeanBlog
Show Details1hr 10min
VTPM114: BGW Food & Wine Revisited plus Holiday World, Kentucky Kingdom & Kings Island Overviews
Show Details1hr 9min
VTPM113: Hawaii Flight Tickets, Upcoming Plans, News and Much More
Show Details1hr 1min
VTPM112: The Great Disney Debate - Fantasmic, River Rapids Rides & Splash Mountain
Show Details1hr 8min
VTPM111: Las Vegas Trip Report
Show Details1hr 32min
VTPM110: Busch Gardens Williamsburg Food & Wine Festival 2021
Show Details56min 58s
VTPM109: March Madness - 2021 Most Anticipated Attractions
Show Details47min 30s
VTPM108: BGW Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration plus Dollywood Opening Weekend
Show Details1hr 7min
VTPM107: Upcoming Busch Gardens Williamsburg Events plus Baltimore & Las Vegas Plans
Show Details43min
VTPM106: 2021 Disney World Trip Report
Show Details1hr 59min
VTPM105: 2020 Year in Review & 2021 Tentative Plans
Show Details42min
VTPM104: Busch Gardens Williamsburg Winter Weekends & Mardi Gras Events
Show Details38min 44s
VTPM103: Our upcoming Disney trip plans, USF over the holidays, Club 33 & much more
Show Details52min
VTPM102: VacationCheers! Busch Gardens Williamsburg Christmas Celebration 2020
Show Details37min
VTPM101: Trip updates - It’s going to be a COVID Christmas!
Show Details44min
VTPM100: VacationCheers! Return of Adventures by D to discuss all of their 2020 Christmas adventures
Show Details1hr 50min
VTPM099: Tom & Ian planning to go to Disney World, Thanksgiving cancelled, Joe’s final episode and so much more
Show Details54min
VTPM098: Angelo Giles drops in to discuss everything from his YouTube channel and love for coasters to rice cooking and his love of vacuuming and so much more
Show Details1hr 29min
VTPM097: BGW Halloween Harvest, Total Terror Haunted Attraction, Hersheypark response & much more spookiness
Show Details49min
VTPM096: HallowFest at Six Flags Over Georgia, Netherworld & more brought to you by Adventures by D
Show Details1hr 44min
VTPM095: Hersheypark In the Dark 2020
Show Details1hr 38min
VTPM094: Busch Gardens Williamsburg vs. Busch Gardens Tampa
Show Details51min
VTPM093: 2020 Walt Disney World trip report with “Adventures by D”
Show Details2hr
VTPM092: Taste of Busch Gardens Williamsburg Event
Show Details58min 30s
VTPM091: Chat with the "Adventures by D" YouTube Channel Gang
Show Details1hr 42min
VTPM090: 2020 Florida Vacation Part II - Universal Studios
Show Details1hr 29min
VTPM089: Busch Gardens Williamsburg Special Member Sneak Peak for Coaster & Craft Brews event trip report
Show Details59min
VTPM088: 2020 Hilton Timeshare Experience, BGW customer service & news
Show Details1hr 7min
VTPM087: 2020 Florida Vacation Part 1
Show Details1hr 29min
VTPM086: News, more vacation plans changes & customer service stories
Show Details1hr 20min
VTPM085: News, updated vacation plans and planning stories
Show Details49min
VTPM084: From The Queue - Top 10 favorite attractions at Kings Dominion
Show Details52min 30s
VTPM083: Q1 2020 results, opening dates, surveys, BGW compensation, Priceline pain and much more
Show Details1hr 15min
VTPM082: From The Queue - Draft 14 attractions from east coast Seaworld Entertainment parks
Show Details48min 30s
VTPM081: DeLorean Daze - 2015 Spring WDW vacation plus updates, news & more
Show Details1hr 41min
VTPM080: March Madness - 32 WDW Magic Kingdom Attractions
Show Details49min
VTPM079: Disneyland trip report
Show Details1hr 41min
VTPM078: From The Queue - Top 3 shooter dark rides
Show Details52min 30s
VTPM077: Our annual Kings Dominion RIP attraction episode, Busch Gardens Williamsburg 2021 coaster speculation & Universal’s Epic Universe talk
Show Details30min 30s
VTPM076: Norwegian 5-Day Western Caribbean cruise trip report, Seaworld Orlando 2021 coaster rumor & more
Show Details49min 30s
VTPM075: 2019 year in review and what’s to come in 2020
Show Details1hr 9min
VTPM074: Busch Gardens Williamsburg Christmas Town 2019 and various local parks planned New Year’s Eve events
Show Details41min 30s
VTPM073: Dollywood & Seaworld Orlando Thanksgiving weekend trip reports
Show Details1hr 47min
VTPM072: Universal Studios Hollywood, Warner Bros. Studio Tour, Pacific Park & other Go LA Card trip reports
Show Details1hr 39min
VTPM071: News, Rumors, Six Flags America Survey & Marine Talk
Show Details1hr 27min
VacationScares: Howl-O-Scream 2019 at Busch Gardens Williamsburg trip report
Show Details1hr 26min
VacationScares: Phantom Fright Nights 2019 at Kennywood trip report
Show Details1hr 12min
VacationScares: Halloween Haunt 2019 at Kings Dominion trip report
Show Details1hr 11min
VacationScares: HHN 29 trip report
Show Details1hr 14min
VTPM066: From The Queue - 5 HHN House Ideas & HHN 29 Hype Lists
Show Details1hr 18min
VTPM065: Busch Gardens Williamsburg Bier Fest 2019 trip report
Show Details45min 30s
VTPM064: Knott’s Berry Farm 2019 trip report
Show Details49min
VTPM063: Six Flags Magic Mountain 2019 trip report
Show Details1hr 6min
VTPM062: SeaWorld San Diego, San Diego Zoo, Mission Beach & Belmont Park trip reports
Show Details44min
VTPM061: Busch Gardens Williamsburg Summer Nights visit, southern California touring tips & more
Show Details56min
VTPM060: From The Queue - pick 5 parks that you will only ever be able to enter again
Show Details39min 30s
VTPM059: Universal Studios Hollywood overview
Show Details37min
VTPM058: Knott’s Berry Farm overview
Show Details58min
VTPM057: Busch Gardens Williamsburg Food & Wine Festival 2019 review & thoughts of Finnegan’s Flyer & Cutback Water Coaster
Show Details1hr 5min
VTPM056: Six Flags Magic Mountain overview
Show Details48min
VTPM055: From The Queue - pick 5 coasters/5 flats you have ridden for your backyard park
Show Details35min 30s
VTPM054: Los Angeles Go Card overview
Show Details1hr 24min
VTPM053: Seaworld San Diego overview
Show Details1hr 3min
VTPM052: March Madness – 21 Virginia Roller Coasters Single Elimination Tournament
Show Details58min
VTPM051: Busch Gardens Williamsburg Opening Sneak Peak & updated Membership options
Show Details58min
VTPM050: March Madness – 16 “Parks Joe has visited” Single Elimination Tournament
Show Details56min
VTPM049: RIP Volcano: The Blast Coaster
Show Details32min 32s
VTPM048: New Year’s Carnival Elation Cruise Trip Report
Show Details1hr 39min
VTPM047: 2018 Disney Dream Cruise Trip Report Part II
Show Details1hr 31min
VTPM046: 2018 Disney Dream Cruise Trip Report Part I
Show Details1hr 6min
VTPM045: Kings Dominion Winterfest 2018 Trip Report
Show Details37min
VTPM044:  Durbin & Greenbrier Valley Railroad Polar Express Experience review
Show Details45min
VTPM043: Busch Gardens Williamsburg Christmas Town 2018 review
Show Details57min 30s
VTPM042: 2018 Kings Dominion Halloween Haunt review
Show Details48min
VTPM041: BGW Howl-O-Scream 2018 review
Show Details1hr 5min
VTPM040: Six Flags America Fright Fest 2018 trip report
Show Details1hr 15min
VTPM039: Universal Studios Orlando Halloween Horror Nights 28 trip report
Show Details1hr 36min
VTPM038: Go Orlando Card attractions trip report
Show Details1hr 27min
VTPM037: Seaworld Orlando Overview plus Busch Gardens Tampa, Aquatica & Seaworld Orlando trip reports from August 2018 Vacation
Show Details1hr 28min
VTPM036: Theme Park Edition – 2018 Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party trip report
Show Details49min 55s
VTPM034: More Edition – Michigan vacation fun, Gettysburg and Flight 93 Memorial
Show Details1hr 1min
VTPM035: Theme Park Edition - Cedar Point overview & trip report of Toms’ family recent visit
Show Details1hr 13min
VTPM033: Theme Park Edition - Six Flags Great Adventure overview & trip report of Joes’ family recent visit
Show Details1hr 8min
VTPM032: Movie Zealots Crossover Edition – Kings Island overview plus trip report and Adventureland movie review
Show Details1hr 31min
VTPM031: Theme Park Edition – Busch Gardens Williamsburg Overview
Show Details1hr 12min
VTPM030: More Edition – Go Orlando Card Overview
Show Details1hr 10min
VTPM029: Theme Park Edition – Busch Gardens Williamsburg Food & Wine Festival Review
Show Details54min 54s
VTPM028: Theme Park Edition – Busch Gardens Tampa Park Overview
Show Details59min 30s
VTPM027: Theme Park Edition – 2017 Hershey Park Trip Report
Show Details56min
VTPM026: Theme Park Edition – Six Flags Great Adventure Trip Report
Show Details1hr 2min
VTPM025: Theme Park Edition – News, rumors and indictments
Show Details33min 33s
VTPM024: Theme Park Edition – Pass member Preview days at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Kings Dominion
Show Details40min
VTPM023: Theme Park Edition – News and March Madness Florida Coaster Tournament
Show Details1hr 5min
VTPM022: Theme Park Edition – Busch Gardens Williamsburg New Membership Program
Show Details46min
VTPM021: Theme Park Edition – Kings Dominion News & Disney Marathon Vacation Trip Report
Show Details59min 20s
VTPM020: Theme Park Edition – RIP Curse of DarKastle
Show Details35min 35s
VTPM019: Theme Park Edition – Kennywood Park Review
Show Details55min
VTPM018: New-Year Edition - Disney news & 2018 vacation plans
Show Details33min 33s
VTPM017: Year-End Edition - Best/Worst 2017
Show Details1hr 1min
VTPM016: Theme Park Edition - Busch Gardens Christmas Town and Six Flags Holiday in the Park reviews
Show Details32min 10s
VTPM015: More Edition – Carnival Cruise Trip Report Part III
Show Details46min 59s
VTPM014: Theme Parks and Disney Edition – News from Disney, Six Flags and Cedar Fair
Show Details30min
VTPM013: More Edition - Carnival Cruise Trip Report Part II
Show Details54min
VTPM012: More Edition - Carnvial Cruise Trip Report Part I
Show Details47min
VTPM011: Theme Park Edition - News and GP questions
Show Details29min 29s
VTPM010: More Edition - Trip planning for 7 night Carnival Pride cruise
Show Details34min
VTPM009: Theme Park Edition-News and BGW Summer Celebration Themes Survey
Show Details38min 10s
VTPM008: Theme Park Edition - Seaworld Entertainment news and Fright Fest review
Show Details48min 59s
VTPM007: More Edition - Trip report to Fort Sill in Lawton OK
Show Details38min 6s
VTPM006: BGW Meetup and Kings Dominion Haunt Review
Show Details1hr 9min
VTPM005: Disney Edition - Halloween Disney Cruise Trip Report
Show Details1hr 40min
VTPM004: BGW touring tips and initial Howl O Scream thoughts
Show Details54min 17s
VTPM003: Halloween Horror Nights 27 Trip Report and Review
Show Details47min 58s
VTPM002: Halloween Horror Nights 27 trip planning
Show Details49min 31s
VTPM001: Carowinds Trip Review - Youtube Edit
Show Details30min 14s
VTPM001: Carowinds Trip Review
Show Details59min 16s