Urban Limitrophe

Urban Limitrophe is a podcast exploring the various initiatives happening in cities across the African continent to creatively solve problems, support their communities, create vibrant urban spaces, and build better cities overall. Tune in monthly to catch interviews with various guests doing great work to change the future of their cities and find out how you can get involved in helping them to make a difference in their communities and get inspired to start something new in yours. 


How OFF TO Magazine is Celebrating African Cities One Issue at a Time
Show Details46min 22s
How the Mmofra Foundation is Designing Playful and Child-Friendly Cities in Ghana
Show Details1hr 18min
How Gbobètô is Turning Waste into Sustainable Energy in Port-Novo, Benin
Show Details46min 48s
How Hope Raisers Uses Digital Storytelling to Build Community Climate Resilience in Nairobi, Kenya
Show Details41min 47s
How The Abibiman Project is Tackling Food Insecurity One African Dish at a Time
Show Details34min 30s
How iAfrika is Helping Local Public Libraries Bridge the Digital Language Divide
Show Details46min 48s
How Surf Ghana is Building the First Skatepark in Accra
Show Details36min 24s
Welcome to Urban Limitrophe
Show Details49s